Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Traitors Beware!

You have to love this, just for the fact that it will get the lefties panties all wrapped around their heads and stuck in their teeth. They are about to get so spitting mad that it should be hilarious to watch. I hope this passes at the convention just to watch lefty heads explode.

OTTAWA -- The Conservative Party will debate later this month whether to automatically strip violent traitors of their citizenship and try them for high treason.
Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's Calgary Southeast riding association tabled the resolution. It will be up for debate at the party's national convention here on the weekend of June 10.
While none of the 80 resolutions on the convention's agenda would be binding on the Conservative government -- even if they pass -- they do offer a glimpse into the mindset of some of the party's members.
The treason resolution reads: "The Conservative Party of Canada believes that any Canadian citizen ... who commits treason by taking up arms against the Canadian Forces or the Forces of Canada's Allies automatically invalidates his or her Canadian citizenship or claim to Canadian citizenship and, if and when returned to the jurisdiction of the Canadian Legal System, should be tried for high treason under the Canadian Criminal Code."
High treason carries a life sentence.
And while the resolution doesn't name Omar Khadr, some have dubbed it the "Khadr resolution."

Make sure you watch the video on the left for more information on the resolution.

The question is whether a Canadian, either born here or an immigrant granted Canadian citizenship should be allowed to maintain that citizenship if they are captured fighting against our military. Treason.

Personally if I was at that convention I would vote for the resolution. It would be justice to have Khadr come back to Canada to face high treason charges. It would be a way to keep him in jail for life. Don't give me the sob story about him only being 15 when he killed a US medic. He showed the medic, who was trying to help the wounded, no mercy, he deserves none in return. He is a coward and rivals Charles Manson as the most crazy, and fanatical criminal alive. Notice how the media and lefties never ever call Khadr an actual criminal. He is just a hard done by 15 year old kid who went astray.

The guy looks like an actor from the Planet of the Apes. I wonder if he got free dental work while in prison? Maybe braces? Canadian taxpayers can't afford braces for their kids, because 40 to 50% of our earnings go to the government but a killer can, whats up with that?

Parliament has the right to make the laws of our country. The supreme court can only interpret those laws, they can not make new ones. If a law passed by Parliament contravenes the Charter of Rights, then the Charter should be changed, by Parliament, not the supremes.  

Should we bring back the ability to charge people like Khadr with treason to "his" country? You bet we should, why wouldn't we?

Oh, and great job by PM Harper visiting our troops in Afghanistan. It made Layton look like the small little man he is by yelping about the PM not being in Quebec. Layton, get a grip, the Prime Minister of Canada, is a very busy man. Layton is like a rooster in a hen house until the fox shows up.


Southern Quebec said...

Ahhh...Khadr never fought against the Canadian military.

Cool rant, though not terribly coherent...

Southern Quebec said...

"Oh, and great job by PM Harper visiting our troops in Afghanistan."

Great job??? What planet are you on? The key word in your sentence is "visiting". Meanwhile, people in my region (the Monteregie)are underwater and Peter (the Idiot) Mackay comes to visit to tell the people that the army is leaving and oh by the way,"clean up the mess yourselves". There is a special place in Hell for people like this...

Rick Thomson said...

@ Southern Quebec.

While Khadr may not have taken up arms against the Canadian Forces, he did do so against forces allied with Canada. Which is the same thing according to the resolution to be debated. Also do you truely think that he would have acted differently had the Medic been wearing Canada flashes on his uniform? If so I would like to know what alternative reality you live in.

kursk said...

SQ, clean up the damn mess yourselves. Our soldiers are not garbage men.

Once again, it is amusing that separatist enthusiast SQ is mad that Canadian soldiers, who wouldn't be there if Quebec was separate, are not bowing to the dictates of ungrateful Quebecois.

My God man, the minister of defense came along with millions of dollars in assistance and hundreds of troops.

You were, however, blessed with the presence of Jack! Layton, your new Quebec overlord. Ask him for assistance and I am sure he will be more than glad to pass the information along to those who have real power in the Canadian govt.

Martin said...

I suspect there are enough laws on the books now to charge Khadr with treason. The idea of treason has been out of date amongst liberal commentators for quite a few years. It doesn't mean that the laws in effect in WW 2 were ever rescinded. It's just that few governments or courts would care to enforce them.

Anonymous said...

Charge the entire Khadr family with treason.