Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thankfully, There Was No Big Bang!

We had just watched the news of the day and hubby found Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the food channel, when a strange sound filled our ears. It sounded like a hot air balloon had landed on our roof. For a moment I thought the end of the world really had arrived, or aliens were landing in our back yard.

Everyone in the neighbourhood rushed outside to listen to this really loud and unusual noise. My husband jumped into his truck to go investigate, and my son went off on his skateboard to his friends house. He was alert enough to take a short video of what was causing the noise.

It was a gas line blowout. Luckily nothing ignited it or I might be writing a whole different story tonight. The blowout occurred between two schools, so expect people to go ballistic tomorrow. That gas line has been there for over 50 years, without incident, but it will become a huge issue now.  I am expecting greenies or aliens at my door any minute now!

The emergency personnel acted promptly and did their jobs. Thanks to them, our neighbourhood is safe again.

I will probably still sleep uneasy tonight, but I am sure by tomorrow everything will be back to normal. Thankfully, there was no big bang!


Frances said...

That's the problem: the gas line was there 50 years. Pipes corrode, and some corrode faster than others. Gas companies try to monitor the situaton, but they aren't always that successful.

We live in a neighbourhood which was established almost 60 years ago. That means out infrastructure is seriously elderly. The thought of having a similar blowout in our back alley - with the potential of setting fire to all the trees of our urban forest - is seriously unsettling.

Southern Quebec said...

On the plus side Frances, think how much extra the corporate executives got to take home by not doing maintenance on the pipe line!

Seriously, you were lucky a moron with a cigarette was not walking by when it happened.

West Coast Teddi said...

Thankfully it wasn't an exploding burger on "triple D". After watching 2 hours of Sun/Fox News, a half hour of DDD is just the thing to end the day. Glad Hubby has found the "new religion!!!"

A pipeline gas leak probably wouldn't ignite from a ciggy. The pressure of the gas coming out of the rupture would be pretty great, but one never knows. There are hundreds of lines throughout many cities and catching a failing pipe is very difficult, more likely to be breached by an errant ditch digger.