Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They Flock To Our Shores But....

We need to take control of our own immigration policies. I get sick of how the lawyers are making money off of the desperate people who come here illegally. They drag the process into years, sometimes an illegal immigrant can stay here for over 10 years. This is totally unacceptable. We need to get the lawyers and judges out of the process and appoint a board of legal immigrants and Canadian born citizens who can judge the cases. It should take months, not years and the boards ruling should be final, no appeals to our courts allowed.

Remember the first boat of 76 illegal Tamils that reached our shores? They are all still here, and the prosecutors are blaming the RCMP. The RCMP should have been able to put those 76 ILLEGAL refugees on the next flight out of Canada without any investigation at all. Send them back. We have a huge waiting list of immigrants who want to enter Canada legally, they should get priority. 

The memo explains why, more than a year-and-a-half after the Ocean Lady was seized off Vancouver Island, no criminal charges have yet been laid in connection with the human smuggling operation, which began in Indonesia and Thailand. Although it stands to reason that at least some of those on board would have been involved, all are living freely around Toronto.
 It's been a year and a half, no one has been sent back, and we also have another 492 Tamil refugees that arrived on another boat, and they are all in Toronto now too, none of them have been sent back either. The bleeding heart lefties think this is okay, and even more refugees should be allowed into our country.

Here is a solution. While the illegal refugees are waiting up to ten years for our court system to come to a decision, they are restricted to living in our far northern regions. No going to Toronto, Vancouver, or Edmonton. You get off the boat, you go to Nunavut or the Yukon to await the decision of the courts. If you can enjoy the north in winter, you are probably a perfect candidate for Canadian citizenship.

For those lefties who think that family reunification is the most important immigration strategy, I agree as long as the sponsoring family takes on all the medical bills and does not rely on our "free" health care and the elders get no government cheques. If the family wants to pay, no problem. If the family wants Canadian taxpayers to pay, nope not happening.

Canada needs immigrants, what we don't need are ambulance chasing lawyers holding up the process for real candidates to suck more money out of them. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed on our shores, they take spots away from immigrants who are law abiding and wait for years to get their applications accepted. Legal immigrants don't need the services of lawyers. Illegal refugees are a big money making machine for lawyers, just like all the poverty "non-profit" organizations who feed off of the poor while making rich salaries (think Red Cross CEO's). Layton likes to appear to be for the weakest in our society, yet his party gets the support from unions who make very rich salaries and cripple industry with their unrealistic demands. Layton and Olivia even out spent our PM last year!

Immigration is great, but let's be careful about who we let in and how they get here.

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