Sunday, May 01, 2011

Jack Flash In The Pan.

Finally a few media outlets are looking more closely at the NDP. They have "ghost" candidates, candidates on vacation, and a leader who misplaced his clothes. Jack is a flash in the pan, his numbers are not going to hold come election day.

Jack Layton has always been given a free ride to spout his message because no one takes him seriously. It's time to look at him and his party more closely. Who are his candidates and why are some of them taking vacations during an election? Take a closer look and see for yourself.

Meanwhile what this means is anyone's guess. I much prefer a stable Conservative government that wants to lower our taxes. I just did my taxes yesterday, and I wonder where the extra family of 4 that my taxes are supporting are and could they stop whining about not getting enough to live on. My 17 year old is finishing grade 12 and he has a part time job. He is saving his money so he can go to NAIT this fall, why can't other kids to that as well, then they wouldn't need any student loans. We of course have put money into a RESP for him, we started when he was born. It doesn't take much from the budget every month, one fewer trip to the hairdresser.

Jack appeals to those voters who believe in Robin Hood. Rob from the rich and give to the poor. It only works for as long as there is someones pocket to pick. The truly rich will just leave Canada, leaving the middle class to hold the burden of taxes. Jack would be a disaster for our economy and our standard of living.

I leave you with the Sun News interview of PM Harper. He has brought Canada through the worse economic downturn since the 30's and has us on track to slay the deficit dragon while not raising taxes. He is the only logical choice for those taxpaying Canadians who want to see their own families get some benefits from the taxes they pay, not special interest groups who suck our money up and spit out garbage against the Conservative government and taxpayers. Vote Conservative. Vote for a better future for your children.


fernstalbert said...

Thanks for the great post and all your blogging over the years. Cheers.

Lasslow said...
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L said...

Obviously I will be voting for my solid conservative candidate, who will probably lose to a popular for no reason Liberal urban candidate, but I actually hope the Liberals can lick their wounds and recover in a few years.

The scary option is the NDP as opposition, which could make us a 2nd world country, especially when the world reacts to what Obama is doing. Make no mistake - there are people working hard to steal our resources for cheap.

Southern Quebec said...

God bless "comment moderation" for Conservatives, eh?

GRM said...

Our Country under an NDP Coalition - better start planning now, how to get across the Mexican border in search of a better life.