Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Opposition Mess!

Thanks to Ontario joining the western movement, we have a majority Conservative government. This has put paid to any talks of a coalition, for now. It has also messed up the opposition badly, and it looks good on them. What do we have for opposition now?

Biggest losers, the Bloc. The Bloc is destroyed. Thank you Quebec for getting rid of those leeches on our country, but your support of the NDP instead of the Conservatives is going to bite you, hard! It already has, with 19 year old MP's, ex-communists, Vegas babes, and who knows what else will surface.

Second biggest losers, the Liberals. Worse performance EVER for the Liberals, even though the Media Party was rooting for them so hard that they exposed their left flank and now everyone knows how biased the media really is towards the Conservatives.

NDP, won the most seats ever but now have to contend with newbie MP's who will make mistakes. Canadians are now actually taking a look at the NDP platform, if they can find it, and starting to understand that socialists are not much better than separatists. It should make question period a hoot to watch.

The Conservatives are by far the big winners, but don't expect the lefty media to tell you that, they are too intent on demonizing with the old "hidden agenda" to actually report facts. I am thrilled that PM Harper achieved his majority, he deserved it. Goodbye gun registry, Canadian Wheat Board monopoly, special interest group funds, and hello to no tax hikes, no carbon taxes. I will wait patiently for family income splitting.

I am excited about what can be achieved in the next 4 to 5 years. Canada is ready to lead the world, and we have the best chance of doing that with PM Harper. If I was on a ship that was in trouble, I would instinctively follow our PM because I know that he will keep his head about him and steer that ship into calm waters.  Don't disappoint Canadians, you now have the opportunity to get things done without the opposition hampering you every step of the way. The opposition is a mess but they will never admit it is their fault. Let's also let the Media Party know that we don't care what they think anymore. Sun TV News is live on the Internet, so Bell can go stuff themselves.


Martin said...

With the election results barely a week old, Conservatives are muddying the waters around a central – and surprising – campaign pledge.

The revised 2011 budget that the government will present next month will not show a surplus by 2014-15 as promised in black and white in the Conservative campaign platform, even though the government insists it still intends to deliver on the election promise.


Anonymous said...

In answer to your question Martin, (Hunsty)"...would instinctively follow our PM because(she)knows that he will keep his head about him and steer that ship into calm waters."

They just keep on with that Noah's arc thing with PMSH playing the part of old Noah himself steering valiantly along, breaking pledges and steering, breaking pledges and steering...