Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boycott Green Money Suckers.

Are you as sick and tired as I am of all the bogus "green" companies? TD offers a "green" mortgage. Everywhere you go, it's all about "green". These corporations are sucking extra cash out of you with every "green" initiative they expound.

One of my readers hits the mark:

Blogger Eskimo said...
We are witnessing the final death throes of the enviro-weenie movement. Expect green subsidies to go the way of the dodo bird. In tough economic times politicians keen on remaining employed will have to heed the electorates' desire to cut all the fluff policies which only exist because of optics. This includes hidden environmental taxes by corporations who have jumped on the bandwagon of the feel good platitudes of having an "environmental stewardship" policy in their mission statements, passing along these extra costs onto their customers. As more reports come out showing the futility of the green movement and as more countries teeter on insolvency, Al Gore and David Suzuki are about to become footnotes in history. Eventually the public wises up and the snake oil purveyors are quickly run out of town. I sense that the good people of Ontario are sharpening their pitch forks right now! (And hopefully Alberta with all this carbon capture and windmill claptrap).

I couldn't agree more Eskimo! Too bad politicians are always years behind the voters. GE is promoting light bulbs with mercury that cost 10 times what conventional light bulbs do, and the politicians are supporting them. This shows you how powerful lobby groups can be. The NDP is full of union supporters, which is fine, as long as those unions are not allowed to use union fees to promote a political party. Unions fees are mandatory, they are not a choice. Funny how lefties want choice in abortion, but refuse to allow that same choice in paying union fees.  Hypocrites in the extreme.

I want REAL pollution of our air, lakes and land to be addressed by our politicians. I do not ever want to send REAL dollars to FAKE environmental causes. Mo Strong started this mess, and made millions, so did Suzuki and Gore. Evil lurks in power hunger people. They do not care about us, they care about their causes only as long as those causes are making them money.

What has really upset the elites is that PM Harper owes none of them any favours. He is his own man and the Conservative party was build by the little people, us voters, NOT the elites. I hope he remembers that now that he has a majority.

Corporations are using being "green" as a marketing ploy to increase their profits by charging us more. It's time for us to show them we will not be hoodwinked by their slick ads. It's time to boycott the phony "green" agenda of corporations. They suck money out of us every time we buy their products, just because they are supposedly "green".  Don't buy it, and tell them why you will not buy their products anymore.


Alex said...

I purposely avoid anything with green marketing on it already.

Anonymous said...

What's Eskimo's cred on the environ? #cpcblog commentation? Pff the bioeffluent

Anonymous said...

As a fruit fly expert and former career politician, what is the cred of David Suzuki and Al Gore, vis a vis the environ?

The fact that I make only one or two trips a year by jet aircraft and own only ONE house affords me a tad more environmental sancification than the likes of the two aforementioned hypocrits.

That said, I also make apsolutely no apologies for my brand new Ford F-150 pickup, my wife's SUV, my 30 foot motorhome and my occasional rental of a Cessna 172 airplane. The computer I'm typing this message on has a massive 850 watt power supply and I don't always remember to turn my lights off. I like to let my snowblower run for a while so the heated handles are nice and toasty. My lawn mower also needs a tune up.

All of these activities don't even come close to the waste of these two "professional environmentalists". The real trouble with snake oil salesmen is that so many people have an endemic propensity to fall for their slick lies. (Read: liberals, children, and your garden variety, whiney blog commenting idiot).

Martin said...

eskimo has the same cred as hunter. none. as manitoba drowns and slave lake burns, it's so very sad to watch these harper pawns miss the forest for the trees.

maryT said...

If the envirowackos allowed the cutting down of dead trees and clearing brush, perhaps the trees would not be burning.
If it says green on the pkg, it stays on the shelf.

newcenturion said...

Well said Eskimo!

Anonymous said...

So Martin, looking at your profile I see you are employed as a general contractor in the construction industry and that you have a fetish for table saws. If you're so enviromentally pious I hope your table saw is powered by a bicycle generator. I also hope that you walk to your jobsites and that you use all hand tools having never heard the word Dewalt before.

Your implication that the Slave Lake fire and Manitoba flooding is somehow the result of the falacy of man made global warming and that it is also the fault of the Conservative government leads me to believe you are in fact not a contractor, but spend the majority of you time hiding under the bed sucking your thumb, afraid that Mommy Earth (tm) has a tummy ache.

Southern Quebec said...

Here in Quebec, we take the stuff that Eskimo is shoveling and till it into the fields. Some places it's called manure, others just plain horse sh*t.

PS Eskimos, you idiot, your lawn mower will last longer if you tune it up.

PPS I only use my Lear Jet on special occasions someone else drives my 50 ft motor home to where ever I want it. Such is life...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know all about maintenance, my little socialist/separatist troll. I've been a little busy with work to get to the lawn mover, but it will be taken care of. One of the joys of living in Alberta! Your concern for my 160 cc Honda motor is noted. You get a shiny gold star.

Enjoy your tax hikes once transfer payments are cut to your socialist hovel of a province. We're tired of paying for your subsidized universities and daycares, not to mention your vastly unproductive and corrupt unionized workforce.

Of course you missed the jist of my screed, so I'll repeat myself slowly for you: I pay my own way. I don't espose phoney-baloney crap about saving the planet while I do the total opposite, such as Suzuki and Gore.

Go ahead and enjoy your ignorance and buy into the man made global warming fakery. Suzuki and Gore continue to prove that socialism is for the people, not the socialist. Only a non socialist can see the irony that those that call for socialism for the masses are in fact the very bourgeosie they purport to hold in such contempt.

One only look at Jack Layton and Olivia Chow. Bilked the system living in co-op housing, career politicians for the so-called "little guy" and hold the record for billing Parliament one million in expenses travelling the couple hundred miles between Ottawa and their Toronto ridings. I'd love to have a a million dollar expense account to travel weekly between Edmonton and Calgary!

Socialism is expensive and we're tired of paying the freight for little to no measurable results.

hunter said...

You go Eskimo!

Southern Quebec said...

"One only look at Jack Layton and Olivia Chow. Bilked the system living in co-op housing..."

Libel is expensive...just ask Ezra! (You may want to do a little fact checking before you slander someone's reputation...)