Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obama, Iggy Smart.

Canadians could have had an Obama smart Prime Minister if we would have only elected Iggy. We too could be losing friends daily. Like Israel.

“A lasting peace will involve two states for two peoples. The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed [land] swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states.”

Does the guy understand what that would mean to Israel? The scary thing is that I think he understands clearly that Israel would not be able to defend itself, and that is what he wants. Palestine is not a nation, it is a refugee camp that none of the surrounding Arab nations want to have anything to do with. Israel is somehow the bad guy because during the war in 1967 they actually won and gained land, kind of like the US and Mexico. According to Obama, California should be given back to the Mexicans.

I am proud of Canada's firm stance with Israel. It cost us a seat at the UN security council, but I am shedding no tears about not getting the seat at that corrupt organization. Finally, Canada takes a principled stance in supporting a democratic nation, surrounded by enemies, thanks to PM Harper's leadership. After reading this article, I wonder how Irwin can remain a Liberal.

This past federal election was no different and one aspect of particular interest was the approach taken by the Liberals to once again try to falsify and demonize the record of Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative government on issues relating to Israel. This is especially important given recent events in which President Obama declared as U.S. policy a framework that is as pollyannish and dangerous as it is unworkable.
So offensive was the Liberal campaign tactic that I chose to reach out to correct the record by sending a letter to constituents in the riding where I was working for the local Conservative candidate.

This just highlights the sad state of the Liberal party and Democrats in the US. 

Finally we can stand proudly with Israel and not have to apologize for our values. We can support a tiny nation that is under constant bombing from it's neighbours, who will not even acknowledge their right to exist. We do not have to follow what the US is doing, and we have staked out our position so that no country can doubt where we stand.

Shame on Obama for refusing to support Israel. He is making the US powerless, but maybe that is his goal.

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oxygentax said...

Don't forget - Texas should also be given back to the Mexicans. And the North West should be given back to the Indians (errr Aboriginals). It's only fair, after all, and it's not like those areas actually voted for Obama anyways.