Monday, May 09, 2011

The Joy Of Motherhood.

Now that my boys are older, they bought me gifts that they picked out, instead of their Dad helping them. What was special, was not the gifts, which I loved, it was the thought that went into them. My boys make me so proud. They are growing into strong independent individuals. I never thought that I would be a mother, let alone enjoy watching every step my sons have taken in life.

I had problems getting pregnant. I finally went to a specialist, a few months later I was pregnant. We were one of the lucky ones, many couples never experience the joy of being parents. My husband stood by me, letting me "choose" how many procedures I was willing to go through to get pregnant.

The joy of motherhood is something that can never be described adequately. It is a huge responsibility, but the rewards far outweigh the negatives. No one is ever actually ready for parenthood, but the best meet the challenge with love and excitement. Never take your children for granted. Hug them and love them, everyday.

Thank you boys! Your gifts were the best, but more importantly, you are the best. I love you. Mom.


L said...

Nothing better! As my son marries this summer, I cherish all the moments.

arctic_front said...

Nicely worded. I have no children of my own but have married a gal with two older kids... one is 23 with 2 kids of her own and a 16 yr old girl living at home. I will take your words to heart and try to survive the experience of living with the human, female equivalent of SATAN living under my roof with as much grace and patience as I can muster under the circumstances.

P.S. I'm willing to trade 16 yr. old for maybe a boat or lawnmower... all trades are final...