Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Opposition Screwed Themselves!

At a time when all other economies are failing, Canadians understood the risk to Canada and elected a strong stable Conservative majority. Thank You Canadians!

I was blasted by my NDP office mate the other day about immigration and how reuniting families should be the priority. Today I was the only one predicting a Conservative majority. I should have laid down some bets with real money involved. Now, I can walk into work with head held high and thumb my nose at the "scared" voters. My office mate even brought up the old "abortion and gay marriage" scare tactic today. I am sure that works well with his NDP buddies, but it didn't sit well with me and obviously it didn't "scare" other Canadians.

God blessed Canada today with 4 years of stable government. PEI and Newfoundland should stop sending their kids here, they should send them to Liberal/NDP strongholds instead. Maybe they can go to Quebec to get their jobs! Oops, not many Atlantic voters speak French, so scratch that idea.

What makes me most thankful is that now, with a majority we will not see a carbon market anytime soon. With a majority, we can finally work together for Canada and Canadians in every province.

Let the "hidden agenda" out.... lowering taxes, less government, and provincial responsibilities respected. YIKES! I'm "scared"! NOT

The opposition called an election based on fake "contempt" charges, and they screwed themselves by electing a Conservative majority. Suck it up princesses. When Duceppe and Ignatieff both lose their seats, you have to think Canadians have made their choice, and their choice is PM Harper!


The_Iceman said...

Adrian MacNair doesn't seem very happy about this Tory majority. Oh well, I will not share my opinion on that matter.


I'm loving it.

maryT said...

To all the liberal trolls who visit here that told us Harper's time is up, etc etc.
Well ha ha ha ha ha ha

Ardvark said...

The real jury has spoken.

Southern Quebec said...

60% of the country voted non-Conservative. Something to think about as the Cons piss away our money on fighter jets and fake lakes...

Oh well, at least my riding went NDP! Weeeee..

bertie said...

70 % did not vote NDP
80% did not vote Liberal
95% did not vote BQ
97% did not vote Green..

What is your point Southern Quebec..Take a hike with your buddies from the PQ for 4 years and come back and see us later.


southern Quebec

Alberta Girl said...

"Oh well, at least my riding went NDP! Weeeee"

Is your MP back from vacation yet?

I just ask you SQ, if the Tories had put in a bunch of students, bartenders and kung fu fighters to "placehold" in order to get EC monies dolled out for fighting the campaign - and those MP's had actually won - just what do you think you and the rest of the left - not to mention the MSM would be saying.

And yet - nothing. Do you not care that these people probably don't even know the first thing about our government and they are about to reap the benefits of an MP.

I think it is disgusting myself.

Once again Quebec proves they are on the outside looking in.

Fay said...

Newfoundland looks just about as bad as Quebec.

Thucydides said...

Well the National Socialist BQ was destroyed and that is a good thing. Canada has evolved, with population and economic power moving west while our political institutions were frozen in amber.

Now we have cleared the roadblock we can move ahead and evolve. Quebec and Toronto won't like it (and in Quebec's case it is totally self induced), but Canada is a Western and Pacific nation, and will be for the rest of the century. If the NDP is stuck in Quebec they will be irrelevant for decades to come.

West Coast Teddi said...

YaaaaaaaaHoooooooo ... now we can get back to Friday night funnies

I get to listen to Lizzy Maybe for the next 4 years ... "wheeeeee" whining about not getting her way but will take a MAJORITY anyday. rock on LessQue rock on hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

The NDP will exsist so long as there's people out their that subscribe to Marxist ideology of "from each according to his abilities to each according to his needs". Translation: so long as the lazy, immoral and unproductive exist, the NDP will be happy to take their vote.

To say there's been some form of fundamental shift in Quebec politics with the demise of the BQ is folly. Quebec exists within Canada for the sole reason as being a parasite. The days of Rene Levesque separatism are long gone. Of course Duceppe would and did never admit this. Free money for little to nothing in exchange has always been at the top of the modus operandi for Quebec.

It's time to start slashing and burning to get things on track, starting with the end of voter subsidies, followed closely by a severe reduction to the civil service. Axe the CBC, HRC's, gun registry and wheat board. Lets open the books of the aforementioned as well as the liberal foundations set up by Martin and Chretien ensuring a LONG nuclear winter for the Liberal party. Sunlight is always the best disinfectant. These actions would be dual purpose. Not only would it help in cleansing the nation, it will serve notice to the pied piper NDP and their legion of rats that the Canadian gravy train, once and for all, has been permanently derailed and the sooner they suck it up, the better.

Oh yeah, BTW SQ, LS and other assorted trolls:

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Better yet, I'll let Vincent Price take it from here:


MacD said...

Finally a Tory majority without Quebec! The West has spoken. A new era begins.