Thursday, February 09, 2012

Alberta's Budget? Goodies For Everyone!

Seriously, they gave money to everyone that might potentially vote for them. They were so generous with our money, that we will run a deficit for the 5th year in a row. Oh, but by next year we will be in good shape. If you believe that, you haven't been paying attention to what has been happening in Alberta for years.

Red Ali is treating us like idiots. Does she seriously think that we are going to be enchanted with her deficit budget? Alberta has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Here is a link to all the goodies.

We have goodies for the aboriginals, the sick, the disabled, the young, the old, the cities, transit, farmers, at risk children, homeless, the environment, and finally, the taxpayers:

  • No new taxes and no tax rate increases.
  • Personal income tax credits increased to offset inflation.
  • Albertans and Alberta businesses pay the least taxes in the country – with the lowest fuel tax among provinces, no payroll tax, no capital tax and no provincial sales tax.
  • Albertans would pay almost $11 billion more in taxes each year with any other provincial tax system.
Wow, I'm impressed, no new taxes.....that sounds Daddy Dalton, who once elected, imposed new taxes! Then we are supposed to feel grateful that we don't pay as much as people in other provinces?

What they are actually telling us taxpayers, is we are lucky they didn't raise taxes. How about cutting some programs? Laying off all the deadwood in government?

They think we are sheep. We are not, and Red Ali has no clue how the average Albertan thinks because she is too busy hobnobbing with the "elites". Maybe she should get down to a working farm and muck out the stable, so she can get a real feel for Albertans. Vote Wildrose, boot these bums, 40 years is too long!


Archie said...

It's a good policy for the federal conservatives, and you support them for it, but it's not good enough for the provincial conservatives. Your sounding like a hypocrite, are you hoping for one of those TV's the Wild Rose party is using to buy votes.

wilson said...

Revenues projected on 'increased' oil prices, and billions drained from our savings account!
What a sham.

OMG, Albertans are not stupid.

centerguy said...

Wow having a lefty foothold in Alberta scares me. I am from Ontario and speaking from experience you must stop this now!

hunter said...

Archie is a typical lefty, has nothing nice to say ever about anyone who is Conservative.

What strikes me most is that a lefty can to my site in support of Redd Ali! What does that tell us Wildrose because the Alberta PC's have been taken over by the Liberal/NDP union crowd.