Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alison Whines, While Danielle Delivers.

Alison went to Ontario and Quebec with some "National Energy" program (as if that would sit well with Albertans) and thought she had their support. When she asks for it, Daddy Dalton slams her and Alberta.

Now, in shock by being betrayed by her Liberal partner, she is whining for an apology. (Read the comments, they are priceless!)

Instead of making the premier available to talk to media, Reford’s office provided her statement to Edmonton media outlets via an audio file of an early morning radio appearance on the Corus Radio Network Wednesday.
Asked if the Ontario premier needs to apologize, Redford said yes.
“I think he does, too,” she said.
McGuinty may not be keen on Albertan resources, but others in Ontario are, said Redford, who recently spoke with business leaders in Ontario and Quebec.

Is she trying to start a fight with a Liberal government to make the PC's look good? She's not that smart. Are Albertans likely to buy it? NO. We are an independent, freedom loving people, who respect the earth that has given us so much, we can smell a phoney a mile away. That's why we didn't like Stelmach, (who at least was honest, but in over his head) and that is why Alison is even worse, because she thinks she knows what Albertans want, without even having to ask us.

This little tidbit should make all Albertans sit up and take notice:

“I know Ontario is in difficult economic circumstances right now, but the way to get out of those is to grow your economy and the Canadian Energy Strategy gives you the opportunity to do that,” she said.
What the heck is "the Canadian Energy Strategy"????? Here is what Dalton thinks it is....remember he is spending BILLIONS on wind turbines:

Asked about a Canadian Energy Strategy, something Redford has been touting pre-election, McGuinty acknowledged he had talked with the Alberta premier about it.
“I think where we can make common cause if we talk about a national energy strategy, I’d like to take a look at that in a broader context. I’d like that to officially include a clean energy strategy and the work that we’re doing here in Ontario and I’d like to broaden the vision so it’s one that we can all share right across the country.
“I’m talking about expanding out vision of energy in Canada so it includes a clean energy vision as well. I think they can grow strong in their way, and that’s good for all of us and we can grow strong in our way. That’s good for all Canadians too,” McGuinty said.
Hey Dalton! Alberta already has wind turbines, we had them before you, and they are useless. Albertans do not want our energy bills to triple because we are embracing environmentalists and polar bears. We have clean gas, oil and coal, that is what is good for all Canadians. Stop importing "blood" oil from the Saudi's and Iran, then we can talk about "clean". Stop your manufacturing industries from polluting the Great Lakes, then come talk to us. Stop having smog days in Toronto, then we will talk.

I find Alison and Dalton to be two peas in the same pod, promising everything and delivering nothing. Alberta can not afford Alison, she has already proved to us that she is ready to buy union votes, why would she change her stripes now?

Remember that the first thing Alison REDford did was to pay off the teachers who got her elected with 100 Million of our tax dollars. The second thing she did was to bring in a draconian law that allows police to convict drivers on the spot, without a court date, who blow over .05 NOT the legal limit of .08. She has now delayed that law until after the election. I wonder why? DUH!

What are Danielle and the Wildrose doing about this mess?

 Jesse Kline: Wildrose taps into anger over Alberta’s new drunk driving law
Alberta’s Wildrose Party has come up with a unique way of fermenting populist anger against the ruling Progressive Conservative party. Wildrose members have recently been spotted giving away drink coasters outside of local watering holes, to protest the province’s new drinking and driving law. One side of the coaster features a slash through the number “.05” with the text, “drink responsibly,” while the other side has a red line through the letters “PC” and reads, “vote responsibly.” A novel campaign tactic, to be sure.
The coasters refer to a recently passed law, which will penalize drivers who have a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of .05, even though the legal limit under the Criminal Code is .08.
“We’ve done polling on this and we know that two to one Albertans don’t want the .05 legislation. They don’t like it,” said Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson. “They think it’s a gross abuse of government power. It infringes on people’s rights and it doesn’t go after the real problem on our streets, which is people who are well over the legal limit.”
I wonder where I can get one of those coasters? This is an excellent idea, not like the PC's $70,000 retreat that produced nothing. Will it work?

From a policy perspective, it’s easy to see why the Wildrose has come out against this. But it makes even more sense from a political perspective. Former premier Ed Stelmach’s government raised alcohol taxes and instituted minimum drink prices at bars. It also passed a law limiting happy hours and instituting archaic regulations about how alcohol can be served around closing time — showing that the prohibitionist mentality is still alive and well in the province.
And who is hurt by these types of policies? It’s not the rich guy who has to spend a few pennies more for a bottle of French wine; it’s the hard working men and women who cook our food, work our oil rigs, fix our sinks and edit our newspapers and just want the freedom to enjoy a few cold ones after a hard day’s work.
It will work. Albertans do not like intrusions on our freedoms. We have also heard rumours of a sales tax and increased taxes on booze and cigarettes. This is not sitting well with us.

The PC's are old, stale and out of touch with voters. The Wildrose is actually a Conservative party that is fresh, and would invigorate all of Alberta by giving us the freedom to innovate, create and get the job done, without an intrusive government. What's not to like about Wildrose, and the promise they bring to Alberta? 

New or old, just look at the pictures to see the truth. (Why do I always want to add a red clown nose to any Alison REDford picture I see?)


Archie said...

What's so fresh about the Wild Rose party when a lot of them is the old Klien guard and the lot that stab Stelmack in the back. Same old crap just a different pile. Your twisting the facts again, the Wild Rose Party is like the federal Liberal party, but in the Wild Rose case the old guard just changed their name. They'll bring nothing new to the game, all that matters is that they regain control of the province. If anything is new is that they found a puppet they can control.

Calgary Junkie said...

I'm back, charter member of the Tom Flanagan fan club ... who I view as a huge catch by Danielle. More proof that she has been working hard and smart behind the scenes, in preparing Wildrose to take down the PCs.

One thing that Flanagan talked about in his book "Harper's Team", is that Harper liked to spring surprises on his opponents. This is an excellent tactic against an ungrounded, ideologically empty Party (like the PCs and federal Libs).

The reason is that, during a campaign, everything gets speeded up. Redford will have to think fast, about any unexpected Wildrose policy announcements, which she might first hear about from a reporter. She doesn't have a coherent governing philosophy of her own, to guide her, on whether an opposition policy is good or not.

My guess is that Flanagan will adopt the "release a new policy every morning" approach that Harper used to great effect in 2005/6. Danielle needs to drive each day's news cycle, put Redford on the defensive, forced to react to what Danielle is proposing.

Calgary Junkie said...

Just to follow up ...
Remember Harper's unexpected "$100 a day--choice in child care" policy announcement, and all the mileage we got out of Scott Reid's quick "beer and popcorn" response ?

Look at the reaction so far to the ".05 coaster" campaign--

"Alberta’s Solicitor General Jonathan Denis is digging in his heels, saying this is a matter of public safety and the law will go ahead as planned. The Tories also say the coaster campaign is in poor taste and actually encourages drinking and driving."

I don't think Redford herself has said anything, but her caucus is obviously divided on this .05 issue, as seen by their dragging their heels on the legislation.

How does Redford massage her Solicitor General's firm commitment ? It's almost impossible. She is bound to come across as slippery, if not downright confused, on what she will eventually DO with the hanging leglislation. Meanwhile, there is no doubt where Danielle stands on the issue.

Blame Crash said...

I’m totally amazed at how detached from political reality she is. How could she or her advisers not see that this would happen? She really does appear to be in a dream state.
It’s a good thing that more and more Albertans are wide awake and will soon be pouring a cup of water on Mallison in Blunderland’s silly little head.
Most of us are smart enough to not let her dream turn into our nightmare.

Calgary Junkie said...

As far as I'm concerned, this whole interchange between Redford and McGuinty is all smoke and mirrors. Nothing is as it seems. It's all political theatre-- conceived, scripted, and played out by the national "progressive" team of politicos.

They all help each other, especially around election time. Remember Klein's musing about private health care, in the final week of the 2004 campaign, which Martin pounced on, as the great defender of the Canada Health Act ?

That was all an act then (to kneecap Harper), and it's all an act now. There's lots more examples, when you include the Democrats and LPC helping each other.

But Redford is dreaming, if she thinks Albertans will fall for this amateur performance.
Her foolish spinning FOR Chiquita Bananas told us all we need to know about how much she will defend our oilsands.