Monday, February 20, 2012

I Justin Trudeau, Me Justin, All About Justin!

 Warning Disturbing Pictures!!!

Dear Diary:
I, Justin Trudeau, woke up this morning wondering, as I do every morning, what Canada can do for me … Justin Trudeau.
After all, who wants to live in a country that insists on calling honour killings “barbaric”?
One where you can’t even call Peter Kent a “piece of sh*t” in the House of Commons without everybody going bananas?
Fuddle duddle. This is not the Canada I, Justin Trudeau, grew up in.
Because I, Justin Trudeau, am a loyal Quebecer.
I mean, I, Justin Trudeau, am a loyal Canadian.

Interesting comments too, like this one:

Put a beret on the Che Guevara picture above, why don't you?  ;D

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Frances said...

Actually, on Ezra's show, the video clip they had during Justin's rant made the boy look eerily like his father. Up until then, I'd always thought of him as being very much his mother's son - in looks, at least.