Monday, February 06, 2012

PM Harper's Trip Has Americans Worried.

Interesting that all of a sudden, the US is waking up to the fact that Canada is not the 57th State (Obama making stuff up) they have been led to believe. They seem shocked that Canada now has a backbone after years of lame America bashing by the Liberals.

Obama has bowed down to a Saudi "King", but has turned his back on Americas best friend, Canada. Maybe it's payback for our relentless bashing of America and their Presidents. Funny how it was perfectly okay for Liberal MP's to sneer at G.W. Bush, but if any Conservative MP dared to say what a loser Obama is, he would be crucified by the media. Obama's decision on the Keystone pipeline was so blatantly about politics even a 7 year old could understand his motives, but our lefty media didn't say a bad thing about his decision. We get it. Obama = good, Harper = bad.

It has now become a huge election issue in the States. Expect Obama to reverse his decision just before the election, if polls show him losing ground. It's a shame that people's livelihoods have taken second place to the politics of the Keystone pipeline. Maybe America is starting to wake up though:

As it turns out, the environmental movement doesn’t just want to shut down Keystone.  Its real goal, as I discovered when I spoke recently to Michael Brune, the executive director of the Sierra Club, is much bigger.  “The effort to stop Keystone is part of a broader effort to stop the expansion of the tar sands,” Brune said.  “It is based on choking off the ability to find markets for tar sands oil.”
This is a ludicrous goal.  If it were to succeed, it would be deeply damaging to the national interest of both Canada and the United States.  But it has no chance of succeeding.  Energy is the single most important industry in Canada.  Three-quarters of the Canadian public agree with the Harper government’s diversification strategy.  China’s “thirst” for oil is hardly going to be deterred by the Sierra Club. And the Harper government views the continued development of the tar sands as a national strategic priority.
Thus, at least one country in North America understands where its national interests lie.  Too bad it’s not us.
Read the whole article, it is one of the best commentaries on the Keystone pipelines I have read to date. He should be named an honorary Canadian, he understands the issue so well.

So there you have it, in plain language, the environmentalists want to shut down the oil sands, no matter what the cost to our economy. They are idiots, plain and simple. They are do nothings who do not understand even the basics about how people survive or how the economy works.

Energy, Canada's future, and greenies want to shut it down. No wonder they don't want kids, they understand that they are killing future generations chances of ever surviving, the next baby ice age.


gimbol said...

Carter had the Iran hostage crisis, Obama will have Keystone.

bertie said...

Would anyone want to deal with these environmentalists kids.They should be all neutered and have collars put around their ankles so they cannot be in contact with the opposite sex.I have never in my lifetime seen such stupidity as what these wako,s continually display in their actions and beliefs.If it is in fact a belief and not a paid performance.

dmorris said...

Harper was absolutely right when he said in the interview with CBC's Mansbridge that U.S. activists have this fantasy about Canada being one huge pristine Park.

I suppose the Enviro-activists would prefer we all up and die,then they could visit and pet the grizzlies once in a while.

The environmental groups are useful idiots in this war,though I doubt they'll ever figure that out.