Monday, February 20, 2012

They Just Can't Make Up Their Minds....

And I'm not talking about women, although Liberal females are very wishy, washy and emotional, Conservative women didn't need a "consensus" to make up our minds, and we don't need to go to the bathroom in groups/herds.

It appears that lefties, who have been telling us for years that the science is settled, and global warming is real, have started to falter, and change their minds. I wonder if it has anything to do with funding, or lack of it?

Colour me shocked that the Globe and Mail actually printed this article:

One of the world’s top climate scientists has calculated that emissions from Alberta’s oil sands are unlikely to make a big difference to global warming and that the real threat to the planet comes from burning coal.
“I was surprised by the results of our analysis,” said Andrew Weaver, a University of Victoria climate modeller, who has been a lead author on two reports from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “I thought it was larger than it was.”
WHAT??? Why the sudden change? Could it be that more and more researchers are being called out on their "facts" and that the IPCC has been shown to be a political movement, NOT a true climate change organization?

They found that if all the hydrocarbons in the oil sands were mined and consumed, the carbon dioxide released would raise global temperatures by about .36 degrees C. That’s about half the total amount of warming over the last century.
When only commercially viable oil sands deposits are considered, the temperature increase is only .03 degrees C.
In contrast, the paper concludes that burning all the globe’s vast coal deposits would create a 15-degree increase in temperature. Burning all the abundant natural gas would warm the planet by more than three degrees.
Why are they even still talking about temperature increases when even the UK climate researchers have admitted that no warming has occurred since 1997?


10:36 PM on February 19, 2012
oh,and by the way.. UK Weather office, one of only 3 in the world with data capable of making projections said the earth hasn't cooled in 15 years...


CLEVELAND - There are three agencies around the globe that are the keepers of global temperature numbers. The first is NASA. The second is the University of Huntsville in Alabama (satellite temperature records). The third is the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit, the UK Met, as it is known.

Last week, the UK Met released its latest global temperature data to the world. It shows that the Earth has not warmed in 15 years. The warming ceased after the great super El Nino of 1998.

The numbers are based on readings from more than 30,000 measuring stations around the planet. The data was quietly released last week without fanfare and it confirms that the rising trend in world temperatures ended in 1997.
The comments are worth the read, and a few thumbs up, like this one:

Sweeney Todd

9:36 PM on February 19, 2012
If you sit quietly, you can actually HEAR the heads exploding over at GreenPeace...
 Or this one:

US American

12:22 AM on February 20, 2012
Coal you say..................

so the Alberta oil sands cannot , by themselves , warm the globe.....

now - where in Canada can we find coal............???

" Coal is the world's most abundant fossil fuel. Canada is ranked tenth in the world in total proven coal reserves. Alberta’s coal reserves represent 70 per cent of Canada’s total reserves. Alberta’s coal reserves contain more than twice the energy of all of the province's other non-renewable energy resources, including conventional oil and pentanes, natural gas, natural gas liquids and bitumen and synthetic crude. "


onward Albertans..... Its time to play our second card !! Off to the coal mines......!!!!!!!
Hey! You got to love Alberta! We have it all!

You want to stop the Gateway pipeline? Go ahead, we will just ship it by rail, much more likely for a spill, but what do the environmentalists really care about that, they are being paid by foreign interests to shut down the oil sands. The railways already have the right of way through the Rockies and right into Vancouver.

Should be fun watching the econuts trying to stop the trains. Sorry First Nations, no oil royalties for you. You can keep your people in poverty for longer now.

I want our environment to be clean for the next generation, but not at the cost of shutting down the golden goose that is keeping Canada above water economically.

Let the environmentalists move to Churchill so they can save the polar bears (if they don't get eaten), let them farm the land so that they can provide us with produce from 100 kms (would like to see how they are going to do that in the winter, without greenhouses and CO2), let them swim in the ocean and save the cod from predators like seals, let them join our First Nations people in living off the land in teepees (Occupy lasted real long in tents didn't it?), and then I might start listening to them. Oh, First Nations don't still live in teepees? Why didn't someone tell me? It would destroy the whole image of First Nations living off the land you say? Well, I'm shocked!

They just can't make up their minds, and they have become shrill, pathetic and untrustworthy advocates of nothing. Climate models predicting 100 years into the future? They are unbelievable and intolerant, 60's like hippies, without the flowers in their hair (can't pick and kill those flowers now, can we?).

Make up your minds, either you are about cleaning up our environment, or you are radical activists being paid by foreign interests to shut down the engine of our country. Unions have already killed Ontario's manufacturing sector, now environmentalists are trying to kill the oil sands. Canadians can not let that happen. 


fernstalbert said...

I love the greens - they would rather freeze in the dark in a lonely basement than admit they are wrong on Global Warming/Climate Change (or whatever the "green soup du jour" is these days). Who can keep up with all the reincarnations of the "Green Fairy Tale". My apologies to the Grimm Brothers. Cheers.


Now lets see the report comparing the damage to the environment not climate.

hunter said...

Well TOF, how about this as an example of what can be done about any environmental damage.

Plus it was Mother Nature that created the oil sands, we are just cleaning up the biggest spill in the world!

liberal supporter said...

Congratulations on finally embracing SCIENCE! Thank you for finally agreeing that humans emitting carbon does in fact cause global warming, the effect of which is climate change.

Though it is well known that current consumption of coal is a much greater contributor to atmospheric CO2 than the oil sands, since coal has been developed and in use for a couple of centuries longer, by citing the article which attempts to quantify this and project this into the future, you are finally agreeing that there is a problem. We can argue about the scope and what to do about it, but it is truly refreshing that you are now looking at the science. You are truly climbing out of the dark.

Welcome to the real world!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

We're going to miss you around here, Liberal Without Support. Nice to see you will finally fall on your sword and stop patronizing Hunter's blog. You see here in Alberta most of our power comes from coal generation. Knowing how liberal progressives love to lead by example, it is very honorable of you to not contribute to AGN by continuing to visit coal-fired blogs anymore.

Like David Soozookey, you too will abandon all forms of fossil fuel consumption either directly or indirectly, be it airline travel, the shipment of the goods you consume even the diesel fuel required to power the John Deere combine that harvests the soy beans for your sissy Starbucks lattes, YOU are going to lead by example. Good on you!

PS. AGN is Marxist/socialist indoctrination, predicated on junk science and peddled by snake oil grifters to the gullible, left-leaning masses that for without government telling them what to do, would freeze off their ignorant asses.

liberal supporter said...

Thank you for continuing to misspell my name, Eskimo. I wouldn't want to be among those who you admiringly spell correctly, such as A Hitler.

As for abandoning fossil fuels to please you, I did not stop driving while we got the lead out of gasoline, nor did I refuse to ride in cars before manufacturers were required to install seatbelts (though my dad did order them as an option to protect his kids).

I'm sure you'd like everyone that opposes you to cripple their own ability to protest in order to fit some hokey stereotype you are promoting, but that won't happen.

Study your science. CO2 does in fact allow solar radiation to hit the earth while reducing its re-rediation to space. We can read about the discovery with all the usual back and forth of science, or we can accept your assertions.

As for snake oil grifters, there are people who will sell you a pill that turns water into gasoline. Have you therefore stopped driving because these grifters exist? You seem to take the existence of enviro scammers as evidence the science is bad. Yet you trust the science that makes your car go despite the legions of scammers in the car industry.

Anonymous said...

Very limp comeback, Liberal on Support. Quit "hiding your decline" like the UN climate change panel did! Perhaps there's a little blue pill out there for you, I don't know.

Seeing you're posting links:

The pretty cartoons should be dumbed down just enough for you, oh droopy one.

Anonymous said...

Hey, lets locate the official climate thermometers next to the air conditioning condensors then submit the recorded temperatures as "proof" Mommy Earth has a fever:

liberal supporter said...

During 2012, the Heartland Institute budgeted two payments of US$44,000 to Watts to set up a website "devoted to accessing the new temperature data from NOAA's web site."

You (and the shill you cite) still haven't demonstrated that there is no greenhouse effect caused by atmospheric CO2. It's kind of a property of CO2.

I suppose there isn't enough evidence to prove gravity either, after all how could rockets go into space if gravity really existed?

liberal supporter said...

Oh, I forgot to respond to your ad hominem: I didn't know you were so interested in my limpness or lack thereof. I do remain limp around other males, sorry you're not the preferred gender for me. But I'm sure there's a nice man for you somewhere.

hunter said...

LS, I'll raise your $44,000 Watts, with over $300,000,000 to Canadian environmentalists from the US. Oh, but...but... that doesn't count with you lefties does it? Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Nice (hockey) stick check there, Hunter! Or is that a hockey stick graph? Heh heh!

Like shooting' fish in a barrel!

Anonymous said...

Lefties LOVE to move the goal posts when either it suits their agenda, or when they're trying to take the heat off themselves.

They are nothing but a useful idiots for the Church of Climatology.

Anonymous said...

Socialist Studies?

Hat tip to SDA.

liberal supporter said...

over $300,000,000 to Canadian environmentalists from the US. Oh, but...but... that doesn't count with you lefties does it? Hypocrites.
A link to back that assertion wouldn't be too much to ask, would it?