Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Static Re CBC, And Bad Bill C-30

A new poll is out about the CBC: It appears people would rather watch static than anything the CBC offers.

Too funny!

Quebec Separatism is being revived by a yuppie, out of touch, Liberal.

The main stream media was either silent or supportive of poor Justin T for his separatist comments, but when some slime ball reveals details of Vic Toews divorce, all the lefties come out and think it's just great.

Bill C-30 is bad as it stands, but slagging a Minister shows lack of desire by the opposition to help change it.

Personally, I think the left needs to grow up before anyone will take them seriously. I disagree with Bill C-30 as it stands. It needs revision, which the government has indicated they are open to hear. Adults will discuss the matter, and hopefully come up with a good bill that will actually protect our privacy on-line while targeting child pornographers.

I was going to link to the National Post article about this, but it has been overrun by first time posters interested in nothing more than slamming an individual and not Bill C-30. It shows how juvenile the lefties are if they think slandering a Minister because he got divorced is pay back for a bill they don't like. They of course have no capacity to see anyone who is Conservative as a human being, with feelings. It's sickening.

The lefty Justin speaks out in support of abortion and separation of Quebec from Canada, and he's one "cool dude". A Minister wants to protect children from sexual predators, and he gets slammed by all news outlets and blogs (even Conservative ones) on a personal basis. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

Fight against the bill, not against an individual. I don't like the bill, I prefer to fight against IT.

P.S. Keystone Pipeline fate in U.S. in limbo but construction moves forward in Canada

Go Canada, get that oil to market!


Southern Quebec said...

This bill c30 has got to go. Do you really want Vic looking at yer email and anything else n yer computer? They get rid of the gun registry to satisy their base, and then go full George Orwell in trying to control what goes on on-line. Make no mistake, this is not about on-line porn. It is about control. It's a Conservative thing.

When the Conservatives has lost the famous/infamous crazy SassyLassy, you know they have crossed a line.

Anonymous said...

It always amuses me when some troll who spends all day living life vicariously through an information gathering social media site tries to make me believe that some superhuman person is sitting in a dark cubbyhole reading every one of the billions of e-mails that cross the internet every day. As it is, a large number of police officers do nothing but scan the known child porn sites, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. These sites represent only a miniscule portion of internet traffic and yet these same cops admit that they can only monitor about 10% of the traffic.
That said, I don't want to give the government any more leeway in intruding into my private life than they already have. This also applies to Facebbok, U-Tube, Google, Twitter, and all the other social media sites that are little more than child porn enablers.

liberal supporter said...

Stop the presses! A Sun media poll finds their audience doesn't watch the CBC?

It seems the bill will be amended so it's not just for finding child pornographers, but also anyone who insults Imam Toews. Just think, if c30 was already law, we wouldn't have all the mumbo jumbo of asking the Speaker to investigate, the night watchman would have sufficient authority to demand all information on the IP number.

Whoever is behind vikileaks is probably deliberately using a proxy. That is to point out the fact that a computer can be "rooted" and then whoever is controlling it can do what they want and it appears to come from the IP number of the rooted machine.

Unlike the so called "it's like a telephone book", it's not. Someone would have to attach wires to your phone line to spoof your phone in the real world. But in computers, all that is required that a computer be unattended for 10 minutes and someone can install a root kit on it. Or trick you into visiting an attack web site.

Then you go on your merry way, while someone else uses your IP number to plot terrorist acts, or worse, distribute child porn, or that most heinous of crimes, violating Vic's right not to be offended.