Thursday, February 02, 2012

Crime Is Going Down We Are Told.

That's rich! Maybe break-ins and theft from cars are getting reported less, so crime appears to be going down. What is really disturbing is that some crimes, like child porn distributing are going up! A society with no morals is destined to fail. 

Watch the videos about the arrests of dozens of child porn criminals.

Sixty people, including three teenagers, face child pornography charges in what the Ontario Provincial Police said is the largest bust of its kind in Canadian history.
The OPP said Thursday more than 200 charges were laid against the suspects from across the province. One suspect is also under arrest in the United States.
The charges include sexual assault, child luring, possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, and accessing child pornography.
In total 76 search warrants were executed by 24 police departments, resulting in 213 charges.
OPP Acting Commissioner Scott Tod issued an ominous warning to other offenders during a news conference in Vaughan, Ont.
"It's socially unacceptable and these people know it's socially unacceptable. It's their deepest, darkest secret so they should be expecting a knock on the door."
I hope they are all scurrying for cover like the rats they are in life. I applaud the police for getting these scum bags into jail and I hope the the judge will throw the book at these vile creatures.

As the left are prone to tell us, "if the gun registry saves just one life, it is worth it". Well lefties, "if the new crime bills put just one of these scum bags away in prison for a long time, it is worth it"! Notice how CTV doesn't allow comments on that article? I wonder why? Could it be that people of all political stripes are outraged at these rats?

Some crime might be going down, and that's great. Unfortunately, child porn crimes are exploding. It's a sick and disgusting crime. They are preying on the most vulnerable in our society, children. I would like to see all political parties band together to formulate tougher legislation on child porn. It's a horrible crime that needs strong laws imposed to stop it. Give our police the funds to track these perverts down.

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maryT said...

Maybe it is going down because criminals are in jail longer and can't re offend.