Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Charities Or Lobbyists?

Interesting the Suzuki Foundation is a charity, yet he walked down the road, obviously supporting Dalton in the provincial election.

According to Revenue Canada rules, this is a huge violation of their laws.

6.1 What are prohibited activities?
A charity may not take part in an illegal activity or a partisan political activity. A partisan political activity is one that involves direct or indirect support of, or opposition to, any political party or candidate for public office.

When a political party or candidate for public office supports a policy that is also supported by a charity, the charity is not prevented from promoting this policy. However, a charity in this situation must not directly or indirectly support the political party or candidate for public office. This means that a charity may make the public aware of its position on an issue provided:

it does not explicitly connect its views to any political party or candidate for public office;
Well, Suzuki publicly supported Dalton in the last election, this is in clear violation of the Act. Thanks for the video Just Right!

Another funny thing is that balance sheets are supposed to be balanced, but from the information on the government site, that is not the case. 

Cash, bank accounts, and short-term investments4100$ 1,007,665
Amounts receivable from non-arm's length parties4110$ 600,494
Amounts receivable from all others4120
Investments in non-arm's length parties4130
Long-term investments4140$ 7,398,963
Land and buildings in Canada4155
Other capital assets in Canada4160$ 2,455,012
Capital assets outside Canada4165
Accumulated amortization of capital assets4166$ -940,512
Other assets4170$ 299,516
Total assets (add lines 4100 to 4170)4200$ 10,821,138
Amount included in lines 4150, 4155, 4160, 4165 and 4170 not used in charitable programs4250
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities4300$ 431,820
Deferred revenue4310$ 1,446,197
Amounts owing to non-arm's length parties4320
Other liabilities4330$ 536,483
Total liabilities (add lines 4300 to 4330)4350$ 2,414,500

Can any accountants explain this to me? Or does it mean that the missing 8,000,000 is in owner's equity, or maybe check Suzuki's pocket.

From the same resource, I find this interesting:

C4Did the charity carry on, fund, or provide any resources through employees, volunteers, agents, joint ventures, contractors, or any other individuals, intermediaries, entities, or means (other than qualified donees) for any activity/program/project outside Canada? 2100 No
If yes, you must complete and attach Schedule 2, Activities Outside Canada, to your return.
Well this seems to be that someone connected to the Suzuki Foundation was  "carrying on" "outside of Canada"... Don't watch it, I'm just using it as proof that Suzuki was carrying on outside of Canada, yet their return to Revenue Canada said that NO we didn't do any protesting outside of Canada.

Revenue Canada needs to stop all these environmental groups from getting charitable status, they are powerful lobby groups, not charities. What has the Suzuki Foundation ever done to stop real pollution? Are they out planting trees? Nope, the dopes go to Bali by plane, and dress in polar bear costumes so they can pass out in the heat. Why not hold the next conference in Yellowknife in February? Right.....HA!


JonkZ said...

I think I have been hearing complaints about the Suzuki foundation's charity status since 2000. I guess no one has either challenged his charity status or complained to the proper bureaucrats?

Southern Quebec said...

This posting is a classic example of "better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt!"

As an accountant (with an actual degree thingy)I can tell you that Assets = Liabilities + equity. And no you silly girl, there is no "missing" $8million. You really shouldn't be trying to analyize things that are above your grade level.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you needed a degree to work at H & R Block. (And to be so smug about it).

Are you still charging conservatives more for your services than your other clients, SQ?

Anonymous said...
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Southern Quebec said...

why would I work at H&R, silly man...

West Coast Teddi said...

Suzuki Foundation is the charity, the good Doctor is the Fruitfly and claims that he has "no connection" with the charity other than in name only thus is able to support the McLiar. Revenue Canada thus has the Assets = Liabilities + Equity problem!

Remember SQ ... debits are closest to the window!!

Southern Quebec said...

Credits are by the door