Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Leg, Is A Leg, Is NOT A Leg!

No adults are currently operating the governments or the opposition in our country, and I mean federally, provincially, and municipally. All levels of government are currently dysfunctional.

The most dysfunctional characters in this all, are the media. They were SO sure last election that they could influence the results, that Elections Canada should be investigating them for voter fraud. EC is too busy right now leaking details of their investigations into Conservatives to be bothered with anything else. Robocalls pale beside the anti-Conservative venom that our media spewed before, during and after the election.

The left based media just might have been responsible for getting PM Harper his majority, and decimating the Liberals. They were the prime movers of voters in Quebec by glorifying Jack Layton, hoping that the Liberals would take Ontario and the NDP would take Quebec, allowing them to form a coalition to govern Canada.

It didn't work, so now, in their tiny little Liberal lefty brains, they think continuing to try for the next fake-gate is going to work this time, because the only ones they are listening to are those that think just like them. Alinsky rules. Notice how fast any mention of the Liberals being in the wrong for personally attacking Toews disappeared, do we even know what the guy looked like? Media thinks they matter. If you shut them off and watch the cooking channel, you don't even know what is going on politically. It's refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, I think this is hilarious, much preferable to the low level that many media people are stooping to these days in regards to politics, and lately I must include the National Post.

Who's leg is that? 

Angelina Jolie's right leg is as relevant as those robocalls. The left are vacant headed people who see no more point to their lives, then the worship of some women's leg.


oxygentax said...

How sure are we that the Media Party DIDN'T influence the election - just not in the way they intended it.

Southern Quebec said...

My name is Pierre Poutine and I approve this message!

Anonymous said...

Whistler's Mother is a hottie!

Anonymous said...

Whistler's Mother is a hottie!

liberal supporter said...

Nothing to see, nothing to see, move along...

Speaking of legs, this robocalls thing seems to have them. Being illegal and all can do that.

liberal supporter said...

Now the Conservatives are blaming Google for robogate!

You did notice that all the blogs with captchas now demand "prove you're not a robot" and they're engaging in comment suppression by making the captchas harder, didn't you? And it started at exactly the same time as robogate started in the news.

Clearly, foreign interests are behind this.

We now return you from the land of Conservative logic, to reality.

hunter said...

Too funny LS! Are you Kinsella in disguise?

Anonymous said...

LS is dyslexic. "LS" should really be "SL", which is short for sore loser.