Saturday, February 25, 2012

PETA Kills Puppies And Kittens!

I wish I was lying, but they prefer killing animals instead of adopting them out to good homes. As far as I can tell, they want all animals to run free. They obviously don't value humans. Think I'm wrong?

What PETA does not tell you is that it doesn’t much like pets — which it sees to view as a form of animal slavery. Nor does it tell you that it euthanizes — kills — some 85% of the animals it rescues. As an organization, it tends to believe an animal is better dead than living with a human being.
As far back as 2008, the Center for Consumer Freedom petitioned Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to have PETA officially reclassified as a “slaughterhouse.”

These statistics are available through Virginia’s Sunshine Law and, as incredible as some may find it, since 1998, of 31,815 animals (mostly dogs and cats) admitted to PETA shelters, only 3,159 were adopted — and 27,751 were killed.
That’s 9.7% adoption rate and an 87.2% kill rate — a ghastly record for an organization purporting to work on behalf of animals. What it indicates is a view that if an animal isn’t free and in the wild, it is better off dead.
But wait, it get’s worse. Since 2006 the PETA adoption rate has dropped precipitously, the kill rate risen dramatically.
In 2006, of 3,061 animals admitted to PETA’s shelter, 12 (0.39%) were adopted, 2,981 (97.49%) were euthanized.
Last year — 2011 — some 1,992 animals were admitted, 24 were adopted (1.2%) and 1,911 (95.9%) were killed.
And this is just Virginia.
I have blogged about this before, so it is not new. It's amazing how people want to believe that these organizations actually save animals, and when you present the facts to them, they refuse to believe it. They are like the deluded people who still believe in global warming, no matter how many scientists tell them that the earth has not warmed for 15 years. Is it stupidity or just a desire to feel like they are supporting a cause that makes them feel good, like they are doing something for society?

You can not "do something" for society if you refuse to look at the real facts. PETA kills dogs and cats and any other animal they "rescue" from science labs. Worse, they support violence. Fire bombing a science lab, is justified by these activists because animals are meant to be free. Well tell that to the people living in the Arctic who have to live with one of the most vicious predators on earth, the polar bear. They at least have the reason of survival to kill. PETA kills because they think the animal is better off dead than with a loving family. Remember how they wanted to kill Knut? They are sick.

Still think I'm lying about PETA? Watch this all the way through.

Bad Language Warning!

One of PETA's own executives is only alive because of insulin, but it's okay for her to benefit from animals because she has a mission? What a hypocrite. They are fine with violence, because their cause is "pure" and "noble". BS.

Do not ever give this puppy/kitten killing organization any money, ever again. Don't let their protests fool you. Make them inject that next puppy with the killing drugs they are so fond of administering. Maybe we should start raiding their premises to save all those cats and dogs from the freezer.

PETA kills puppies and kittens, they don't save them.


Platty said...

Very scary group, even more disturbing are the nut jobs that are blindly supporting them.

Condoning terrorism?

So, by extension, these same people would support the actions of the 911 terrorists because, in their words, the ends justify the means.


liberal supporter said...

yes, let's talk about PETA, and not about illegitimate MPs. You do know the word for illegitimate, don't you?

hunter said...

LS you go ahead and blog about what ever you want on YOUR blog. I don't really care about all your fake-gates.

Platty said...

And there you have it folks, the true Liberal supporter. Never wanting to speak to the topic at hand, only willing to speak to the topic that is rattling around in that hefty lefty brain.

Liberal supporter will comment on PETA only if, and when, the lame stream media tell them it is okay to do so.

Kind of a "Robo" comment thing that the left and msm share.....



liberal supporter said...

More crickets, I see.

Poor platy, can't come up with anything more than ad hominem. But to address the post, I understand why PETA kills animals, I don't support them but I understand their position.


Your party is really in deep trouble this time. We're not talking about Justin Trudeau being politically incorrect. We're not talking about some (now former) Liberal staffer being politically incorrect with vikileaks.

We're talking about electoral fraud. Personally I find it hard to believe the taint goes up very high in the CPC, despite my dislike of the CPC.

But the silence and/or misdirect in BT land doesn't bode well.

hunter said...

Calling LS...who's party made those viscous postings about a Minister of the Crown? Liberals! I told you to stay away from the mini-scandals, but you wouldn't listen to me would you? Your party just got bite on the butt REAL hard!

Platty said...

That's right ls, when Stephen Harper stood up to applogize in the HOC today..Oh, no wait, that was Bob Rae that had to stand up, twice!! LOL....Dirty little Liberal tricks, caught red handed, again!

Now, what were you saying ls?


liberal supporter said...

You have a problem with Rae manning up and taking responsibility? I know, I know, it's just something we never see from the Harper regime. It's always somebody else's fault with them, isn't it?

It seems the CPC hopes Canadians will equate robocalls with vikileaks. They think we are stupid, and will think some guy being politically incorrect by publicizing already public information is as bad or worse than election fraud.

But Canadians aren't as stupid as you think. They can tell the difference.

One is a firing offense.
The other is a criminal offense.