Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wake Up Alberta, Time To Kick The Bums Out.

Even the National Post thinks the budget was a NDP budget. It was a blatant re-election budget that doesn't pass the Conservative sniff test. There is nothing Conservative about this budget.

Many people see it as blatant pandering to the left. People are talking about it, and that is not a good thing for the PC's, because frankly, everyone I have talked to are fed up with this government. So where will the votes go?

If the votes go to the Liberals, NDP or PC's, Wildrose wins the seat. If the votes swing towards Wildrose, they take the seat. If it is split between Wildrose and the PC's it's any ones guess. When none other than the far left site Rabble (I will not provide a link to that disgusting site) is endorsing Red Ali, you know the game is on.

Liberals feel at home in Redford caucus," is today's commentary on the return of Lethbridge-East MLA Bridget Pastoor to the party she started out with. "Federal NDP endorses Redford," is yesterday's posting, showing an image of a Tweet by Edmonton-Strathcona MP Linda Duncan suggesting Redford is adopting NDP polices.
Another post yesterday, in the style of a Western Wanted poster, accuses the premier of "total absence on the Keystone XL Pipeline … when her province needed her most." Now, there are those of us who think the pipeline is not a particularly good idea, but one can hardly deny the premier's frenetic efforts to sell it to the U.S. Administration of President Barack Obama, even if she was talking to the wrong politicians south of the Medicine Line.
In other words, is not only mean, it's lame!
Tisk, tisk, Redford files is mean, oh dear, call the HRC nannies they should be able to fix that. You want lame, the whole article is a prefect example of how dopey the far left really are.

The question for Red Ali, are there enough Liberal and NDP willing to switch to the PC's to support her in the next election? We have already seen in the federal election that Liberals and NDP have no integrity and will switch sides at will, will they do it this election? They are the ones who got Red Ali elected in the first place, so why wouldn't they infiltrate the PC's to gain power?

Alberta is ready for a change, and if all the Conservative votes move to the Wildrose, we can change the game that Liberals/NDP are playing with our province. We can take back our province, and squash our opposition because there are a heck of a lot more Conservatives in Alberta than there are Liberal/NDP.


maryT said...

Redali said at her school for candidates that 40% of candidates this time around will be first timers. That is around 30 of them. Are they running because others resigned, or were the sitting mlas defeated for the nomination, (as in our riding). With WRA names on the ballot, and 30 new conservatives, and unknown lib/ndp names, should be interesting to see who votes for who.
Re the budget, I like the increase in AISH, but still wont vote for redali.

wilson said...

Wildrose matched the $400 monthly increase to AISH!
Plus increased funding for front line workers (1000 nurses, 1425 teachers,300 police) but froze 'management'.

Wildrose will also roll back that 30% increase MLAs gave themselves too.

It is in the alternate budget:

wilson said...

How bizarre is it that the PCs have in place 1 manager for every 4 workers!
Wildrose will change that ratio to 1 manager for every 10 workers.

More front line workers, fewer pencil pushers.

maryT said...

I know WRA will keep that AISH increase. It is needed by those persons with disabilities. My point was, even with that promise I still would not vote for redali. However, lots of people might just because they believe her budget. I still think tax increases and a possible sales tax are in the works if she wins a majority.
Did you hear her comment at the school for candidates, that she will work very hard to see that all of them will get elected. What, she expects no opposition and wants to be a dictator. I think our riding will go back to WRA next time around. They lost by 7 votes last time, but Paul Hinman went on to win a seat in Calgary in a by-election.