Sunday, February 05, 2012

Are Alberta Unions Trying To Influence Our Election?

We know an election is coming, so who is gearing up to volunteer? None other than the teachers union that got 100 million from Red Ali! Say it isn't so!

Volunteering at election time

January 31, 2012
ATA News Staff

Consider lending your skills to the democratic cause

Albertans will head to the polls some time between March 1 and May 31, according to amendments to the ­Election Act that came into force in ­December.
Once the writ has been dropped, Elections Alberta, the province’s nine registered political parties, their candidates and independent candidates will require volunteers. As a teacher interested in the future of public education, you might consider lending your considerable skills to the democratic cause before, during or after the 28-day campaign period.
Volunteering at election time can be an exciting and rewarding, if exhausting, venture. In most campaigns, volunteers far outnumber paid staff. Working in a partisan or nonpartisan capacity will give you not only insight into the electoral process, issues and candidates but also the opportunity to influence the calibre and outcome of the campaign. By becoming politically engaged with the party or candidate of your choice, you can also help determine the conditions under which you teach and your students learn. Perhaps most importantly, your engagement will help demonstrate to students through personal example the values of citizenship and democracy.

The opportunity to influence the outcome of the campaign?  Do not doubt that they are serious, they got Red Ali appointed, didn't they? I have been hearing ads on the radio that sound like union sponsored ads, but I can't remember what group it is that is advertizing.(If you know send me a comment)

Lending your skills to the democratic cause is code for getting the people you want elected. It stinks to high heaven of corrupting our democratic process, not enhancing it. They are teaching your kids how to subvert the vote of people. It's really nothing about teaching and everything about "influencing our democratic process". Remember Red Ali got elected by pandering to the teachers union by giving them 100 million, and she is counting on them to "get out the vote", just like Acorn in the US.


wilson said...

It's going to be a hard fought battle, for sure.
PCs will out spend Wildrose many times over, because Alberta has no election spending limits, they WILL spend spend spend.

But if teachers and nurses etc. read Wildrose platform, they will see a common sense approach.
More nurses/doctors/teachers,
less middle managers.
No more central decision making, front line workers leading the way instead of crats in a high tower building.

PCs govern top down,
there is little to no democracy in that.
Once elected, Wildrose MLAs WILL have free votes,
sent to represent their constitutents,
that's democracy.

Pissedoff said...

You are talking about AB and bot Ontario? (sarc off)