Thursday, February 16, 2012

Premier Dad and Mom!

A match made in Liberal progressive heaven!

It appears that the Wildrose are catching up to the Alberta PC's, even before the election begins. This is excellent news. Can Wildrose go from around 6% in the last election to 30% in our yet to be called election this spring? I think so.

If you look at the results from the last election, the Liberals were most often in second place behind the PC's.

What if Liberals switch their votes to Red Ali? Is that likely? The votes from last election show the Liberals in second place in most ridings, so why would they vote PC? If the Liberals hold their votes, and some PC voters switch to WRA, could the Liberals gain enough seats to form a minority? This is the biggest worry of Alberta conservative voters. While more Liberals will probably get elected if we vote Wildrose, fewer PC's will get elected. If the PC's are limited to a minority, the power they have had for years will be blunted. Most importantly the people can then force an election at any time they want.

What I sense, from talking to people at work, is that a big shift is happening. People are fed up with the PC's, and they are talking Wildrose as the alternative, not the Liberals or NDP. Make no mistake, the PC's in Alberta are in big trouble, and Red Ali is one of the main reasons. She just rubs Albertans the wrong way. She barely won in the last election:

She won by less than 500 votes, as a PC in Alberta? But, because of support by the teachers union, she became our Premier-elect, after giving them 100 million dollars of taxpayers money. In the budget, they got it back from us by raising our school taxes to collect 120 million! They didn't tell us this, because all we heard was no new taxes. Bull!

It's time for the dinosaurs to go. We need fresh blood, not recycled paper dolls standing in front of us repeating the same old tired line, year after year. Maybe that's what freaks me out about Red Ali.....think Stepford wives. YIKES!


Calgary Junkie said...

Here is a SUN interview with Monte Solberg ...Just Say It, Premier !

"...I was at an event in Edmonton where the Premier spoke, she was unequivocal--they are not going to raise taxes. That is not going to satisfy Wildrose ... She is really going to have to explain to people what she meant by: having a look at how Albertans are taxed. ...

I can tell you the Premier is sensitive about this. She spontaneously raised this in her remarks, indicating to me that this is something that they are concerned about, the fact that Wildrose is picking up on this, and going after them a fair amount. ...

We're going to see this continue on for the next 2 1/2 months, that's for sure ... She DOES have to be crystal clear."

So once again, Redford insults our intelligence--talking about a "conversation" with Albertans [about taxes] AFTER the election. Hey, I thought you guys were travelling the province last week, to get feedback on stuff like this ???

This rhetoric from her is all a friggin' joke. Hence Rick Bell was laughing at them, sarcastically saying that: "... pretty soon we're going to have to have CALCULUS degrees, just to show that we can vote here in Alberta ..."

It's all good for Wildrose. A key part of their "Same old PCs" narrative. Because the PCs are now so unrecognizable, and Wildrose is pretty new, it's going to come down to who can you trust between Redford and Smith. Plus Smith has to run a tight campaign, ala Harper in 2005/6, to SHOW voters that she is also competent.

maryT said...

And as Redali told her students at the candidate meeting, 40% will be running for the first time, that is about 30, and she will work very hard to see that all of them are elected.
Why are there at least 30 sitting mps not running again. How many are quitting and how many lost their nomination, as our mla did.
That means a lot of new names will be on the ballot. Could make for an interesting campaign.

maryT said...

People I talk to fully expect she will bring back the fees for health care, raise sin taxes and invent a few more.

Calgary Junkie said...

MaryT: "Why are there at least 30 sitting mps not running again."

This is reminiscent of how so many federal PC MPs (eg Joe Clark) didn't run again in 1993 under Kim Campbell.

I just can't picture Redford as the kind of leader who can carry her rookie candidates to victory on her coat-tails. IMHO, they are pretty well on their own, relying on what's left of the PC brand, their own profile, and how energetic their riding association is.

Meanwhile, there is a lot more pressure on Smith, to carry most of her candidates with her over the finish line.

wilson said...

Over the last 3 years, Albertan's Sustainability Fund was raided of $10 Billion, while our revenues dropped only $5.5 Billion and are projected for 2012 to be back to pre-recession levels.

So that suggests resource rich Alberta has a $4.5 Billion structural deficit!
And REDford projects ALBERTAN'S savings account will be below $4B going into next year.

This Nanny has to go,
or we will be Ontario West in 2 years.

wilson said...

REDford and her team refuse to say no to tax increases and no new taxes in next 4 year term.

The PCs recently gave themselves a 34% increase in salaries/benefits and now Albertans get to pay for it,
with income tax 'reviews' and it looks like a provincial sales tax (bye bye Alberta advantage) is coming down the pipe.

Any young person who just recently bought a house can't take a tax hike, of any kind!
The hike in power bill and PC increased property taxes took up any room they had,
and has left Seniors wondering how they will make ends meet.