Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Alison Redford Gets Egg On Her Face!

Poor Red Ali. The first thing she did, when "elected", was go to Ontario and Quebec, both ruled by Liberals like herself, and try to sign them up to a National Energy Program. It looked like she had them onside, and when she called for help from Dalton, he dropped her off the cliff, and didn't even pretend to throw her a rope to save herself. Even Steady Eddie got more respect then she did from Dalton. 

TORONTO — Ontario would prefer a lower dollar over a growing oil and gas industry in Western Canada, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Monday as he rejected calls from his Alberta counterpart to do more to publicly defend the oilsands.
"The only reason the dollar is high, it's a petro dollar, driven by the global demand for oil and gas to be sourced in Western Canada," McGuinty told reporters.
"If I had my preferences as to whether we have a rapidly growing oil and gas sector in the West or a lower dollar benefiting Ontario, I stand with the lower dollar."
Dalton the Dolt should take Econ101. The strong Canadian dollar is because of the weakened US dollar, not the oil sands. The oil sands were in operation while the Canadian dollar was at 65 cents, why is it a problem now? 

Maybe Dalton should look at his own "green" policies to see how they are increasing the cost of manufacturing before blaming Alberta. How are those heating bills Ontario? He should also understand than most of the manufacturing that Alberta has been needing is being supplied by Ontario manufacturers. Unfortunately, he only thinks that manufacturing means cars. He is Ontario's problem. Alison is ours..... for now.

A study by the Canadian Energy Research Institute says Ontario enjoys the lion's share of oilsands benefits outside Alberta.
The Calgary-based think-tank says the oilsands will create $63 billion in economic spinoffs in Ontario and create 65,000 jobs over 25 years. It also points to smaller economic benefits and thousands of jobs that will be created in British Columbia and Quebec.
More than 350 Ontario-based companies are suppliers to the oilsands, according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.
What would happen to Ontario is we started ordering all those trucks, pipes and even ball bearings from the US instead? After all, Ontario buys 0% of our oil. They get it from Iran and Saudi Arabia, those wonderful countries that love freedom, especially for women!

Ontario is in big trouble, they need to rebuild their manufacturing industries, and when Alberta comes knocking, they turn their backs, and pretend that they are better than us, because they are ordering wind turbines from Korea. Why didn't "green" Dalton get them built in Ontario? How did Alberta, who is now helping to support Ontario with equalization payments, become the bad guy? Oops forgot we are Conservatives......The PC's are Conservative in name only and Alison is a blood relative to Liberal Dalton.

Alison got a huge shock today. She thought her eastern tour of Liberal leaders had given her the big advantage against Danielle. She now looks like the country bumpkin that went to the big city, got in trouble, and found out that nobody would help her.

Both Alison and Dalton are just as deluded if they think that they can continue to spend without any political consequences. 

Red Ali will come home to lick the wounds that she inflicted on herself, and she better not expect any sympathy. She was the one who said, just after she got elected that she didn't want to "interfere" with the US process on the Keystone pipeline. Now she wants Ontario and Quebec to help? Why? They have nothing to do with Alberta and what we do with our resources. We do not need their "help". Alberta can survive without the east, they can not survive without us.

Alison Redford, is not the person we need to lead us into the future, she is a relic from the past, we need fresh blood, fresh energy, fresh approaches to old problems. We need a big broom to sweep out the old, dusty, arrogant, and incompetent PC's. It's time for Alberta to wake up, to smell the winds of change, and grab that ribbon as it sails towards a new and actually Conservative future.

Get excited about voting for Wildrose! Feel the positive change that you can bring to our dynamic province, and most importantly understand that a true Conservative like Danielle, would never be caught begging a Liberal Premier like Alison just did with Dalton, only to get slapped down.

Talk about getting egg on your face!


Candace said...

Well said!

fernstalbert said...

"Have not" provinces seem to have that Jekyll/Hyde mentality as a driving force - love AB for the money but not for what puts the money on the table. Cheers.

Bec said...

When I heard this yesterday, I thought, Alison, Alison, what rock have you come out from under?
This was ENTIRELY predictable.
This Premier slagged Alberta while in Copenhagen and expecting him to care about Alberta now, just so naive.

It's really now wonder that Ontario is in the mess it's in. Their Premier does not appear to have an economic aptitude at all is is the typical left winger. Blame and take.

Calgary Junkie said...

From the Wildrose website:

"■Take an aggressive stance with the federal government in regards to the equalization program in order to ensure that billions more of Albertans’ hard-earned tax dollars remain in the province ..."

I remain ever hopeful that the Wildrose campaign makes a very big deal out of Equalization. With back-stabbing McGuinty now stepping into the fray, Danielle has a stronger case to make to voters, that Alberta needs to play hardball with these ungrateful, unreliable, money squandering Eastern premiers.

The way to do it, is to resurrect Ted Morton's 2006 PC leadership campaign promise--go to the Supreme Court to argue that the Equalization Program is unconstitutional. This is a great wedge issue in another way, as Tom Flanagan can surely dig up many of Morton's quotes on this.

It is becoming obvious that Equalization doesn't work the way it was intended. Time to blow it up, and start all over. I could live with transfering dollars directly to voters in have-not provinces, then letting their Premier tax back as much as they dare.

Blame Crash said...

So if one reads between the lines of what Redford’s new buddy McGuinty says, it’s that Ontario’s problems are being caused by Alberta’s economy.
That means that they believe that the solution to Ontario’s economic problems is that the economy of Alberta needs to be snuffed out.
These Toronto corporate and bureaucrat mooches have had this country’s economy rigged to their advantage ever since forever and even though they are totally wrong about Alberta being the root of all their problems, they would knife Alberta in the back if we let them. Just like they have done before.
And Alison Redford and her PC-Lib Party are dumb enough to go to them and make it easier.
Times Up for the PC’s!

Anonymous said...

Ontario's problem is they have a drunken sailor mentality as far as government spending goes (read: windmills are expensive and they don't work) and their workforce is extremely inefficient namely because of mass unionization (read: lazy fat slob workers with far to many entitlements)

It's a recipe for financial ruin for any province. End equalization NOW and let the people migrate to where the work is. I don't owe a Newfie a living because the cod have gone away and I certainly don't owe a living to a brain dead assembly line worker who builds electric cars no one wants to buy.

My French relatives on my Mother's side left France for Quebec because of the opportunity in a new land. My Father's relatives left Ukraine for Canada because communism is mass murder and they wanted to keep living. No one owed them a living. They sought it out for themselves. There were no entitlement program back then and somehow they managed to survive. Go figure.

Dalton the dolt is simply enabling Sal Alinsky tactics of demonizing his opponents and putting the blame on others, all the while ignoring his own gross incompetance and failed policies.

Joe said...

I don't know if Red Ali has egg on her face but I do believe Dulton just gave her a slap on the tush. My only hope is that both of them are gone by the end of the year. Sooner in Red Ali's case but that's only because I live in Alberta and have seen sky high projected revenue used to increase deficit spending before. It didn't have a happy ending then and it won't have a happy ending now.

Anonymous said...

Dolton fits the definition of a leftie to a tee.

A leftie is someone who has a pathological fear that right now, someone out there has more than he does. And as a leftie, it is only government that can better his life. Not hard work or perseverence, but governmetn handouts.