Friday, March 23, 2012

Duffy Kicks Fruitfly Suzuki's Butt!

I would love to see a verbal match between Duffy and Suzuki, Duffy would win hands down, but Suzuki refuses to debate anyone, ever. 

 I bet CTV is still missing this guy:

He seems happier now that he doesn't have to hide the fact that he is a Conservative. Lefties are still in shock that they could have enjoyed watching him all those years, never suspecting that he was a Conservative. That is unbiased reporting, and it hit lefties smack in the face when they realized that Senator Duffy wasn't actually one of them. Heck, I'm a Conservative and I never suspected he was a Conservative. 

It looks like the Conservative Senators are going to discover how badly foreign interests have corrupted our democracy through the use of environmental groups. Revenue Canada had better sit up and take notice, because they are now in the spotlight. 

I know of one tiny little charity that lost it's charitable status because of a minor accounting error, it just about caused them to shut down the real charitable work they were doing. So why doesn't Revenue Canada go after these environmental groups who are clearly lobbyists? Is Revenue Canada as Liberal as Elections Canada? Who holds both of them to account? No one as far as I can figure.

The Senate is showing us that they are relevant and can tackle tough issues. Good for them. My biggest disappointment with the Senate is that a failed Liberal leader from Alberta, who hates the oil sands can not be booted out of the Senate by Albertans. He is an arrogant Liberal who thinks that Albertans opinions don't matter, and he could care less what you want. I know, I've emailed him and just about got sick reading his response to my concerns, try it for yourself. Ask him why an Albertan doesn't support the oil sands, see what response you get.

Grant Mitchell   -   Liberal Party of Canada
Province: Alberta
Senatorial Designation: Alberta
Appointed on the advice of: Martin (Lib.)
Telephone: 613-995-4254 or 1-800-267-7362
Fax: 613-995-4265

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