Thursday, March 08, 2012

Obama and Israel?

Well fluke (HA) warm is how I would describe Obama's position on Israel. I wonder if he gets tired of tiptoeing around all day trying to avoid anyone who might want him to take a stand on an issue? He might be a nice person, but he is a pi$$ poor administrator. He bows to Saudi kings but wants Israel to give back land that would insure that Israel would get destroyed.

Seeing as the left always brings out the big Hollywood stars to agree with their position, like McCartney on our seal hunt. I figure it's only fair that we bring out some big guns (lefties quaking in their boots at the mere mention of guns) to get in Obama's face.

Language aside, he's right. The UN is garbage infested! He thinks women should be in charge, can't argue with that, but he is spot on, and a joy to listen to.....well unless you are a lefty.

The US is going to be in trouble if they re-elect Obama. Push back is coming from the Catholic Church and other Christian faiths. Obama made a huge mistake by supporting Planned Parenthood instead of Christians. It is building, in every Church in America, every sermon, every Sunday, from now until the election, will be about the effort by the Obama administration to take away the freedom of religion. They can try to disguise the issue with phoney women, testifying in phoney hearings, about phoney issues, but voters are not dumb.


maryT said...

JNW has a story re the US Drug enforcement whatever has suggested that the Vatican is a money laundering site for drug money.
If O thought Catholics and Christians were upset over the pill thingy, wait till they read this. I don't think O will be happy till every Church and Church headquarters are tuned into mosques.

JR said...

Great rant by Gene Simmons! Thanks for that.

"fluke warm" I like it:>