Saturday, March 03, 2012

Media, No Bias Here!

What is disrupting our democracy is media, both old and new. Right now, they are trumpeting the fact that over 30,000 "complaints" have been made to Elections Canada. What most of us already know is that it is one or two sites generating all those comments, but the media will not publish the truth, because the truth doesn't sell newspapers.

We have the internet, facebook, and twitter, all being used as a means of freedom of speech. I like that, but it can be misused to create anarchy. The left is very vocal and run on emotions. The right are silent and run on rules and facts. The left likes disarray and dysfunction, the right likes peace and order. Opposite poles.

The media wants to sell papers. Who is more attractive to them? The loud, noisy, trouble makes of course. Quiet, tame and boring doesn't sell newspapers. It is one thing to promote lefty causes in the media, it is another thing altogether to lie to sell papers. The National Post was caught lying and had to print an apology, they should have printed an article about why they were wrong. The damage is already done, a small apology hidden in the car ads, doesn't cut it.

Here is a perfect example of how the media intentionally distort the truth. You have to listen to it to understand the issue. Tom Harris talks to a Guardian reporter. What he said gets totally misrepresented in this article. 

More at WUWT. 

The media has an agenda, and I am getting sick of their distorted, wrong headed lefty reporting.

As Conservatives we might not be prone to protesting, but we can fire back, by using our keyboards, facebook, and twitter. We can flood Elections Canada with emails too. Better yet, we can take a stand. Stop reading/watching/buying CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and since Andrew Coyne has been back, the National Post. Watch their revenues drop. If you can't bring yourself to stop reading the papers, then start commenting, get the Conservative view point out there, don't keep it a secret.

Start here: 

Hugo Chavez's oil company is just one of the many foreign groups registered to testify at the Canadian government's Joint Review Panel about the Northern Gateway pipeline. So are countless other foreigners from Europe to South America and a long list of foreign-funded lobbyists too. Use the form below to write federal to Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver and tell him we don't want foreign interests or their local puppet groups manipulating our decision about our pipeline. Ban foreigners and their local puppets from appearing before the pipeline review panel.
 This is a site that promotes the pipeline. Lefties wouldn't be caught dead supporting it, so it is up to us to do what we can to show our support.

It’s our pipeline. Our country. Our jobs. And our decision.
Stop foreign billionaires from sabotaging Canada’s national interest!
Public hearings into a proposal for an energy pipeline from the oil sands to Canada’s west coast are being manipulated by foreign special interests.
Foreign billionaires are hiring front groups to swamp the hearings to block the Northern Gateway pipeline project. Anti-oil sands groups claiming to speak for Canadians are actually backed by millions of dollars from foreign interests.
The pipeline promises thousands of jobs and billions of dollars for all Canadians. Whether we decide to go ahead with it or not, we get to make this important decision about our future — not outsiders.
Click on the anti-oil sands groups to the right; see all the money they’re being paid to fight against our national interest. They don’t answer to Canadians. They answer to their foreign paymasters.
It’s our pipeline. Our country. Our jobs. Our decision.
 It's one small step for us Conservatives. Who knows what we can do from there?

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rrh said...

Can you provide a link re. the sites that are generating the complaints?

Alberta Girl said...

I wouldn't give those sites the time of day myself. But this is Hunter's blog.

Google it. Shouldn't be hard given that the majority of the media have legitimized this mob.

Southern Quebec said...

According to elections Canada, they have received over 30,000 Individual contacts -- not 15,000 contacts from 2 people. See the difference?

Alberta Girl said...

Yeah 30,000 contacts from the I Hate Harper crowd who find out from their "friends" through like, social media that they might be able to join in a sort of like, Canadian, what fun!

Yeah that's something that should be taken into consideration.

Eskimo said...

And we all know how (cough) neutral (cough) and how (cough unbiased (cough) the good folks at Elections Canada are.

Eepecially when they commandeer the RCMP and tip off media in advance when they raid political party offices.

Wow, if they could have be half as concerned during Adscam.

To cut elections Canada some slack, after the last election WHERE STEPHEN HAPRER RECEIVED A DECISIVE MAJORITY, did E.C. not release a statement saying that the electrions results stand, nowithstanding a few complainst that the received, investigated and concluded had no bearing on the outcome of the election?

Remember the bogus "In and Out" scandal? It's only wrong when Conservative do it, right?

Feel free to donate to the Pat Martin legal defense fund, Silly Quebecer.

Gerald said...

I just heard on the radio(no CBC,CTV,etc.,for 3 days now,as I listen to the radio)they're demonstrating in BC against the govt.There's surely a conspiracy here to bring down the govt.There could be a lot of violence before this is over.Libs,NDPPQ,CBC,CTV,and some other media would be to blame for it all.

paulsstuff said...

@southern Quebec. Yep. Some of those contacts include a guy named harry Potter, some former Toronto Maple Leafs, a guy named Ryan, no last name given, who signed, that would be contacted EC roughly 14 times over 5 minutes.

You are a perfect example of the type of person being used as a pawn by the opposition and media. Don't check facts and believe everything

paulsstuff said...

By the way, don't you find it odd the media states Liberals never used any robocall companies with American connections when they reported the exact opposite in May 2011?

"Ten Liberal campaigns in Ontario, including Ms. Bennett's, also complained of harassing phone calls made to their supporters purporting to be from them when they were not. Some were in the middle of the night or made repeatedly. Candidates feared the scheme was done deliberately to annoy their supporters and suppress the vote. The CBC reported that some calls were reportedly traced to American area codes and to a Canadian call centre doing some legitimate Liberal calling that denies it.

Martin said...

CBC broadcast voting results from Eastern Canada, into Ont, while the polls were still open. This went on for about 7 minutes before the screen went blank. This in flagrant violation of Elections Canada. Why was this ignored, why do we hear nothing about it now in the climate of voter manipulation?

liberal supporter said...

Still looking for a link to back the claim that 30,000 complaints to Elections Canada are from some vast left wing conspiracy.

Also still waiting for a link to back an earlier claim "over $300,000,000 to Canadian environmentalists from the US."

But I don't expect anything other than sneering contempt from you robo cheaters.

Southern Quebec said...

CBC did not call these people in Ontario and tell them where to vote (wrong location) or when (wrong date)in the middle of the night. See the difference? (Probably not)

Elections Canada does not release the names of people who file a complaint. Nice try though...

paulsstuff said...

No, but you could watch the names as they were being signed at the online petition. Here:

As for the CBC vote compass, it told people that the Liberal Party was the party that fit their profile, when in fact it was the exact opposite. The Compass was about as sleazy as anything I've seen in a campaign.

Luckily with the Libs polling at 20% on election day CBC's attempts were an EPIC FAIL.

liberal supporter said...

People know the difference between signing an online petition, and filing complaints with government agencies. One allows you to rant and vent. The other comes with an actual investigation and consequences if you are filing a false report.

Right (or left) wing freeping of online polls is nothing new. Cheating at elections is, at least for Canada.

Martin said...

The broadcasting of results before the polls close, breaks a fundamental democratic rule that one should be able to cast a ballot without knowing how the results are unfolding in other provinces. Elections Canada goes to extensive lengths to avoid this problem with staggered poll closing times. CBC clearly demolished this principle. If this broadcast also went to Quebec, results for Magdalene were posted,
part of the province. I can say absolutely that I had ample time to vote, knowing how results were playing out in Eastern Canada. Why is this act simply downplayed by media, including CBC?

liberal supporter said...

Nice try Martin, drawing an equivalence between mistakes and deliberate cheating.

Martin said...

If a mistake, as you say, where was the apology, or admission from CBC? What penalty did they pay when Elections Canada investigated, if they did.
The audience available, or actually watching CBC Newsworld on election night, would be many times larger than the most dedicated call prankster working individual telephone lines.
Elections Canada warned individual bloggers against this, and could be expected to prosecute anyone breaking the rule, but do it on the scale of CBC, no reaction.
It is indicative of the hypocrisy of CBC to spend a week commenting on this story without mentioning their own violation of Elections Canada rules.

Southern Quebec said...


"No, but you could watch the names as they were being signed at the online petition."


JR said...

Great post, hunter. You've hit all the nails on the head.

And thanks for the link.

Bec said...

I see the 'guilty until proven innocent crowd' are here so I will tell them that the CBC broadcasting results for appox 7 minutes before polls were closed in Western Canada was a VERY BIG DEAL!
Had either of you tweeted, FB'd, blogged, you'd have been charged and it's because of that rogue, $h!t disturbing element, Blogging Tories shut down. Not because of us but because of 'them, you,....' (pick your pro-noun)

As well, there are no media outlets reporting anything factual and yet, you'd never know it. EC has reported only 1 thing for sure. They had no concerns after the May 2nd election, a small, even we could call it a morsel of complaints, mostly directed AT THEM.

So you see you 2, this is another stupid event. You know that when the OPP's don't ASK questions in Question Period. They just accuse, without facts, documents, names...

That sounds rather like the posts that you have posted.

bubba brown said...

No Bias here?
So how is Mr Goatlips allowed to post?
Along with Pierre Poutine from Seperation H Quebec?