Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oversight? "Dirty" RoboCall More Like It!

With no evidence at all, the Conservative Party has been found guilty by the opposition parties and especially the media. This is a media driven "scandal". Too bad it bit them in the butt.

Liberal MP Frank Valeriote says it was an "oversight" that his party did not identify that it was behind an anti-Conservative robocall used during the last federal election Guelph, Ont.
The riding is already the focus of an Elections Canada probe into opposition accusations that the Tories used automated messages to direct voters to the wrong polling stations. The Conservatives deny the accusations.
Now the Liberals are left to explain the automated message, or robocall, that was critical of Conservative candidate Marty Burke.
Audio of the recording surfaced Friday night.
The recording does not state that it came from the Liberal Party or from Valeriote's campaign. The Elections Act requires parties or candidates to identify themselves in campaign ads.
 I bet they take a much quieter view of the goings on now that the Liberal party has been found to make robocalls to "strategically" vote against Conservatives. 

CTV has found an activist to comment on this article, he is arranging the Lethbridge rally for tomorrow. So, it appears that CTV is more interested in gossip, as they state themselves:

than the facts.  Look at his facebook page. He's an artist and an Occupy supporter! Guess he has lots of time to arrange protests in between writing startling bad poetry. Are the taxpayers paying for his poetry?

If Elections Canada does nothing about this "dirty" trick by the Liberals, they should be replaced with people who are unbiased. We are watching you Elections Canada, very, very closely. Do not expect another free ride like the in and out win. Your days of leaking documents to the Liberal CBC are over. You do NOT have any power over we the voters.

Someone needs to call an inquiry into Elections Canada, because something stinks to high heaven, and it appears to be emanating from the EC offices, or should that be orifices? 


Alberta Girl said...

Hmmmmm..Occupy coming to a city near me? Maybe some photos for posterity would be a great thing?

It might be a great day for a drive.

Alberta Girl said...

This from his FB page

I did a media interview on CTV yesterday ... it is important when talking to people not attack one Party but that you say the concept of democracy and the right to vote is being attacked ..... that fraud has occurred and that that requires evidence, a day in court for whoever is responsible and a fine / jail time ...... an attack on Harper or the Conservatives will lose the Conservatives listening right away ..... in conservative Lethbridge we had people listening, looking and agreeing"

so everyone is now backing off declaring this was done by the Conservatives? After the media have done such a great job of tarring them with the brush, now they decided to back away and turn this into a democracy issue.

Sure, as if this wasn't a set up from the start. Smells like the Occupy crowd have rethought how to present their campaign over the winter.