Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Titillated By Tires!

A shiver is running down the spine of lefties when they see this picture:

Oh my goodness, my resident liberal troll, just had to go off topic and report to me his SHOCK at the bus, he is obviously titillated by tires! 
liberal supporter said...

My entry for your photo caption contest:

"I thought the headlights were supposed to be at the front of the bus"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 4:03:00 PM
We were actually discussing Kenney and immigration, no photo caption contest was in the works, but LS needed to get his two cents in anyways.

Typical lefties, trying to change the topic when they don't like the issue. Do they ever grow up?

Wildrose has received more free advertising because of that one bus than the PC's can afford to pay for all election....whenever that might be.

I have my Wildrose sign on reserve, I have volunteered to help them, and I am more than ready to vote. Call the dang election, nothing is going to make it better for the PC's.

Alberta Ardvark has the scoop on the new election ads by Wildrose.

I like the ad, it is hard hitting but factual. Of course the lefties are going to call it an "attack" ad, because they are now cheering for the PC's because they have a LIBERAL leader. This should be a very interesting, high turnout, election. May the Wildrose win.

Everywhere the Wildrose bus goes, people are going to be looking, wondering if the picture is still in the same place. This "mistake" is actually a huge win for the Wildrose. Increased exposure (HA), with minimal expenditure. Nice.

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