Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Fight For Cancer.

When PM Harper appointed Patrick Brazeau to the Senate, I thought it was a brilliant move, I still do. He is a very personable, young and likable Senator. The fact that he is First Nations and very handsome are two more points in his favour. He is doing his people proud, not like some of the chiefs we hear about.

I was sorry to hear that his Mom passed away from cancer. I hope it adds a little more power to his punch against Mama's boy Trudeau. The "shiny pony" should be worried, his reach might be longer and his experience in boxing might be greater, but Brazeau is a street fighter, he has not had the privileged upbringing that drama teacher Trudeau has been blessed with.

I know it is all for a cancer, but I would donate $100 to the cause to see Trudeau on the canvas. I think it might happen. We can watch it all on Sun News on March 31st.

Should Trudeau be scared, probably not, because it is a fight for cancer, not a "real" match. I hear that the loser will have to cut their hair.

Look at this picture of Justin, he already looks bad, look at that big honker! If he has to cut his girly locks off, that nose will really stand out, especially if it's broken!

Of course Liberal Media is all about Justin!

Google "Brazeau" and the Huffington Post come up with nothing but stories about Justin! "Washboard worthy", "Luscious Locks"??? Oh, gag me!

Brazeau has my vote, knock Trudeau back into the last century. Besides, Brazeau served in the military while Trudeau was prancing around on stage. Any self respecting woman knows who the real man is in this fight. Watch it on Sun News, a smart move on their part, because lots of Conservatives want to see Trudeau go down, and with him, his arrogant pretty boy liberal attitude.


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