Monday, March 26, 2012

"The Bus" That Won An Election?

It appears the Wildrose bus has made it to the big times! Ellen Degeneres posted it on her facebook page, and someone there commented that Jay Leno had it on his show too. Whether it was for fun or not doesn't matter, Wildrose couldn't have paid to get this kind of advertising. It's "The Bus" that won an election!!

Last polls out had Wildrose trailing the PC's by 5 points, now, after "The Bus", they are tied at 38% each. 

So, "The Bus" didn't hurt Wildrose at all, it actually caused people to sit up and take notice of the election. All good. Danielle handled the issue with humour and that probably won a number of people over to Wildrose.

I'm excited that we are now in the election. I noticed the candidate in our area already has signs going up. I wonder how badly the PC's are being hurt by the number of former PC'ers who would have worked on their campaigns, who are now working for the Wildrose?

If you don't know where to find out about the Wildrose platform, it's right here, for your reading pleasure. Go positive, Go Wildrose!

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