Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let The Stampede Begin! Hee Haw!

PC voters are still clinging to the illusion that their party is actually Conservative. We need to get out there and inform them that Wildrose is the only Conservative party in Alberta.

Remember that Albertans change parties with no warning. I thought it might be last election, but even I voted PC to save my riding from a Liberal, we won by 58 votes. This time around, I am voting for the candidate I want, not the candidate that can defeat a Liberal. I know that splitting the vote will mean that we get a Liberal MLA, but I am willing to live with that in the short run. I will be happy with a minority government, with the Wildrose as the opposition, but I am hoping for a minority Wildrose government so we can get rid of Orange Alison.

Speaking of orange, I can not differentiate between the PC and NDP signs.

  Why is Alison wearing orange? I thought that was the NDP colour?

It is orange, not red. What is with all the brain washed kids holding Redford signs? Bet it was teachers getting out the juvenile vote to show their support for Orange Ali. The colour of PC is BLUE, not orange. Drive down a street in Edmonton and you can't tell who is voting NDP or PC, the signs look the same as you drive by.

Danielle has to be called out as well, she was wearing red for the election announcement, not green or blue.

It's a small thing, but it's the small things that can win an election. Wear the right colours.

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