Saturday, March 24, 2012

Call The Election Alison!

Alberta is ready to rock the province! The PC's are running scared. Many current PC's are not going to run again. Alison was forced to appoint a candidate because of an MLA resigning (happened to be the chair of the do nothing committee), so she appointed a Mayor who is allegedly under investigation for illegal donations to the PC party. Nice!

I can tell they are worried because I have been "randomly" polled 4 times now to see who I am going to vote for, and the only party who would happen to have my number are the PC's. The last question the poll asked was about the do nothing committee and whether the PC's returning only 6 months of their ill gotten gains was enough. Of course I said NO, NO, NO! They also asked if my impression of Alison was favourable or not. NOT! Was my impression of Danielle favourable or not. FAVOURABLE! If many old PC supporters like me are giving them the same response, and by all the polling I think they are, the PC's are in trouble. Big time.

When Alison the Red finally calls the election, hopefully Monday, get your Wildrose sign, and volunteer for their candidate in your riding. They are a young party, and they need all the help they can get.

Finally, for your entertainment, Ezra discusses Obama and his reversal on part of the Keystone Pipeline. Enjoy!

Boot the long in the tooth PC's, Alberta is a young, dynamic province, we need a young and dynamic leader, Danielle Smith!

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