Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mulcair, Arrogant and Has A Temper.

The NDP members, well those who were able to vote, have spoken, and Mulcair is the winner. Good for the Conservatives, not so good for the NDP, but who am I to care if the NDP becomes a Quebec rump party?

Here are two older videos of Mulcair in action:

Nice anger management Mulcair!

WOW, arrogant or what? It appears he doesn't like reporters either. He is going to be fun to watch. Definitely not Jack, and make no mistake, it was Jack that got them all those seats in Quebec.

If PM Harper had showed such disrespect during Question period, or to a reporter, he would have been called an arrogant dictator......oh wait, they call him that anyways. The left is tolerant, as long as you agree with their point of view. It will be interesting which lefty the media backs, the NDP or the Liberals in the far distant federal election. We already know they will CONTINUE to disrespect our Prime Minister. 

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