Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Fluke Is Obama's New Poster "Child"

The lefties are all over a Conservatives comment about a privileged 30 year old woman who spends over a $1000 a year on contraceptives and wants US taxpayers to pay for her "choice". Rush called her a "slut". Ouch, harsh but true. A BIG deal is being made of his comment, ads are being withdrawn, two radio stations (out of hundreds) have stopped airing his show......even Obama called the poor thing for no other reason that it would help him with the female vote. Do they really think women are that stupid? Seriously?

One of my favorite reads the blog quebecois has all the dirt!

Maher has called Palin a “dumb twat” and dropped the C-word in describing the former Alaska governor. He called Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann “boobs” and “two bimbos.” He said of the former vice-presidential candidate, “She is not a mean girl. She is a crazy girl with mean ideas.” He recently made a joke about Rick Santorum’s wife using a vibrator. Imagine now the same joke during the 2008 primary with Michelle Obama’s name in it, and tell me that he would still have a job.
Not all lefties are calling for Rush's head. Powers speaks the truth about how lefties like Maher get away with calling Sarah Palin a c**t, and that's okay with the lefty media.

Just in case the video doesn't play, here is the link. 

Another good insight here:

But what I really don't get is this. If someone is spending $3,000 per year and they want to get insurance to cover it, how can they expect the insurance to cost less than $3,000? And why should they expect someone else to chip in? Do they think insurance is some form of magic where expenditures can be made without expenses being incurred? Or is this just a form of "I want to be behave irresponsibly and have someone else pick up the tab"? Or, "I want my freedom and someone else a slave to the costs involved"?
Who is Fluke? Who cares? She made a name for herself because of her lack of morals. She specifically targeted a Christian University, she is not an innocent obviously... HA! The Catholic Church has a lot of power, not politically, but spiritually and the war has just begun. It was on simmer, but it is now coming up to the boiling point. America is a Christian nation, and they are waking up and realizing that their President is not a moral or just man and his call to Fluke proves it. He is an opportunist. 

Should Rush have apologized?  Sure, when Maher apologizes to Sarah Palin. Double HA!


bubba brown said...

Let's see,, the Middle East is coming to a boil. The American economy, is hooked up to life support.
Presiden McDreamy finds the time to phone and sympathize with a want to be savior of every womans right to screw like the eveready bunny.
While of course some else, joe the plumber perhaps works and pays for her contraception.
Obama is a micro managing commie pinhead.
Hope, yes you can, Mr Bo-Jingo.
Her well typical I guess, sombody else always pays for the socialist dream.
Her freedom to be irresponsible financed by your money.

Southern Quebec said...

"BO-JINGO". Wtf!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look it up, SQ. It's NOT a racist statement, as much as you want it to be. (It's a variation of the term, "Bi-jingo" It's meant to add emphasis to what a person has just said) Like "bi-gum" or "bi-George". Nothing sinister.

dude said...

Using the pill for 5years reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by up to 50 %in later years.

That is the point Sandra Fluke was trying to make - health benefits


Southern Quebec said...

According to right wingers, if women have sex, they are automatically sluts. And also, none of these right wing women have sex until they are married. And then, only to have a kid. And they can't enjoy it, their priest would be offended. Life is simple when you give up thinking for yourself.

Southern Quebec said...

Eskimo: I checked urban dictionary, the term Bo-jingo does not exist. I contend that bubba was referring to song and dance bojangles ... But whatever...

Blame Crash said...

SQ, What decade? What century? What reality are you living in?
To say something that preposterous is an indicator that you have connection problems with reality.

Blame Crash said...

Hey dude, I don't buy that argument for a second. She's a far left crackpot who thinks that the government should enslave us all so that her class of ideological supremacist quacks can undeservedly rule over everyone else, based on nothing more in their self centered beliefs.
The women’s health issue is a complete ruse, they could care less about anyone but themselves. This is pure politics.

Blame Crash said...

And as far as this claim that Ovarian cancer is reduced by a whopping 50% with the use of the pill, I hope it is, but to be blunt, I highly suspect it.
Anything to do with every left wing cause has resulted in the commandeering of science to suit the lefts political agenda. Then if you don’t play along, they accuse you of what they themselves are guilty of. In this case it would be that one is “anti-science”, but in reality, it is they who are engaging in the bastardization of science for political purposes.

bubba brown said...

As SQ seems to have taken the default position that any criticism of Barrack Obama (BO) must be racist.
The term "Jingo" has been around since it was used in a music hall song in Britain in 1877.
"We don't want to fight
But by jingo if we do
We've got the men
We've got the money too"
This was at a time when Britain and Russia were squabbling over Constantinople
It came from a long established oath "By Jingo" used to avoid saying "By Jesus".
It has come to be used to reference any catchy saying like "change you can believe in"
"hope is better than fear"
or even "Troops in our streets".
Remember "you will wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth Pepsodent" That did not mean the writer had an issue with Chinese people.
So there you have it BO (Barrack Obama) Jingo in my opinion is an empty suit who is all "Jingo" with no real substance what so ever.
I hope this clears this up for you SQ.
I was clearly not referencing the Bill Bojangles Robinson.
He happened to be a black man who was one of the great all time entertainers.
Take a minute and watch a genius at work.
cheers Bubba

bubba brown said...

Oh meant to mention the reason you can't look up, or find "BO-Jingo"tm in your "Urban Dictionary" is I just went ahead and made it up.
Just seemed to fit.
Cheers Bubba

Pissedoff said...

SQ they are not automatically sluts and whores, just when they expect someone else to pay for it.

RYNCanda said...

Never let the facts get in the way of Conservative talking points.

Two Facts:

1)Taxpayers are not going to pay, the Health Insurance companies are

2) it is not about birth control it is about womens health issues.
Read Flukes statement here:

Those are the facts, too bad you did not stick to them in your post!

Anonymous said...

Only a matter of time until someone drags out that "women's health" claptrap. As soon as that BS phrase is uttered the lefty libs have effectively silenced any debate.

Like pulling out the race card. Funny, both of these tactics tend to be used when the left is loosing the debate!

Funny how they claim to want everyone "out of their reproductive system", but they were sure interested in Sarah Palin's just a few years ago.


Anonymous said...
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Southern Quebec said...

You're getting old Eskimo, you are repeating yourself.

Why don't you care about women's health care issues?

Bobk said...


1) Who do you think is going to pay the cost of mandatory birth control coverage? If it really does cost $1000 a year (ha!) for birth control do you think that insurance companies are just going to absorb that loss out of the kindness of their hearts? The cost of insurance will increase, and people who have insurance will be paying for women's $1000 a year use of their contraceptive of choice. This is the whole point of the debate. Business should not be forced to provide a product or service that they do not want to, and consumers should have the choice to not support business whose practices they do not agree with.

2) Actually it's about neither, it's about a seasoned activist deliberately going to Georgetown in order to continue her political campaign. But regarding women's health - in her own testimony she says that the Georgetown policy does cover the cost of birth control for off label use, and that for vague and unsubstantiated reasons her "friend" was unable to convince Georgetown that the prescription was for a legitimate medical condition and not for recreational sexual activity. This would indicate an alleged problem with Georgetown's standards of medical corroboration, not something that would require federal action.

She threw out some figures about poor victimized women facing financial hardship at a prestigious and extremely expensive law school, but offered no elaboration as to how they were obtained. Nothing on the science or accounting that one would expect from an expert speaker in front of the House of Representatives.

There was very little in Ms. Fluke's testimony by way of facts. It was a series of sad anecdotes and manufactured statistics, with a healthy dose of exaggeration for desired effect.

Blame Crash said...

RYNCanada, so just where do the Health Insurance companies get their effing money!
Whether it’s a government tax or a private sector tax, it’s still going to come out of other people’s pockets. Why does something so simple have to be explained!

RYNCanda said...

To Blame Crash, premiums on health insurance, disability and life insurance policies are paid by the owner of the policy, the worker through work benefits or the employer.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against women's health, oh slithery one. But we aren't talking about women's health, are we? This is nothing but 100% typical Democratic party policy boilerplate.

Perhaps it's a potential health issue, because at $1000, that's a LOT of sex she's having in an 8 month school term! At $1000 I have to assume she's on the pill because condoms are dirt cheap. (Not to mention FREE at her local Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill Referal Service).

Backing up to my "potential health issue", she could very well be putting herself in danger if she indeed is on the pill and not using condoms. I hope she only has one partner what with all this "barebacking" she's apparently doing.

Maybe she should get her education in Saudi Arabia and demand the House of Saud pay for he daily morning bacon. Did she not think when she enrolled that the Catholic Church might frown upon her...how do I say this?...."free spitedness?" Personally I think this horny skank should be booted out of the college.

She is a radical leftist $hit disturber trying to force a Christian institution into funding her sex life. It's a wedge issue deliberately set up by the DNC as a pre-election topic changer and she was the useful idiot willing to do Obama's bidding. I'd like to see an audit of her bank account.

We all know that if Obama runs on his first term record, he fails. Miserably. So he trots out little Miss Hotpants and somehow Rush Limbaugh is the bad guy.

Bobk said...


So in other words, students at Georgetown will either have higher premiums or higher tuition. If the poor female students can't afford condoms or $9 pills from Target, how are they going to cover that?

Bobk said...

It seems my initial response to RYNCanada didn't make it through.

1) Like I said above, nothing is free. The cost of the alleged $1000/yr birth control (ha!) has to be paid somewhere. How high do you think premiums are going to be for a $1000/yr payout, with no deductible or co-payment?

2) There were very few facts in Ms. Flukes testimony. She was the sole witness, using statistics that she herself gathered and presenting anecdotes that can not be verified. There was no science, accounting, methodology or corroboration in her testimony whatsoever. We have no way of knowing what is fact, exaggeration, or outright lie.

bubba brown said...

A couple of questions come to mind here.
S.Q. you are offended that someone in another Country called a woman a slut, who was looking for everyone else to pay for her birth control so she could enjoy recreational sex without having to pay for condoms.
OK leaving that lack of uncivil intercourse alone for the moment.
How do you feel about Sarah Palin being called a C***?
Are you OK with that?
Seems to me Bo-Jingle is just trolling for the elusive Women's vote, using others people's money of course.
Now what do the Ladies on the left really want ?
On the one hand they want everybody to keep out of their reproductive business.
Just pay and STFU
On the other hand the lady in question seems to be inviting a pretty fair amount of traffic "in" to her reproductive regions.
Kind of sucking and blowing at the same time IMO
Is there a phone number? Just askin'
Cheers Bubba

liberal supporter said...

Why is it ok to get Viagra paid by health insurance? Even the Catholic employers aren't refusing to pay for health insurance that covers Viagra. They have no moral objection at all to Viagra. They don't even demand that you release sex tapes from your Viagra romps.

Why is it ok for Men to get their recreational sex paid for but not women?

Bobk said...

Hey liberal supporter, Georgetown's insurance doesn't cover Viagra, and nobody here is suggesting that the government force them to. You should try doing your research.

Under lists of exceptions,

"19.H)Fertility agents or sexual enhancement drugs, such as Parlodel, Pergonal, Clomid, Profasi,
Metrodin, Serophene, or Viagra;"


hunter said...

As per usual the lefties try to change the channel into "women's rights". Well as one of those women, I do not think it is my right to make others pay for my reproductive decisions.

They whine about "rights", but are more than glad to take away those "rights" like religious freedom, because they do not agree with that "right"! They are seriously misguided.

hunter said...

Welcome to the new posters here!

liberal supporter said...

Many insurers do cover Viagra. If your argument does not apply to that case, why should it apply to this one?

You'll end up paying for their "reproductive decisions" anyway if they end up getting pregnant.

Should I begrudge you getting your rotten teeth fixed by insurance, despite the fact I am paying for your "hygiene decisions"? What about your "eating decisions" if I am paying for you getting your stomach stapled? Should I be sneering at your lifestyle that wrecked your teeth and made you fat? Should I cheer you being tossed into the street? Typical far right "i'm all right Jack" attitude.

Insurance covers different things for different people at different stages of life. It collects more than it pays overall but some people get more out at different points in their lives. If it's all too socialist for you, then stop driving on the government roads, stop expecting the government firefighters to help you when needed, and start paying local thugs for your protection.

bubba brown said...

O.K. I get it now just say the "magic words" Womens health.
There it is all fixed now.
Just more of the Occupy Crowd mindset.
Occupy my Vagina!
The Gubbamint be payin' for the condom.
What kind of woman has sex with a man that makes her, or someone else responsible for the birth control?
Sure sounds like a warm loving, caring relationship to me /sarc off.
Thanks for takin' care of this clear and present danger
Mr Condom-atter in Chief.
You just have to reach out sometimes with a rubber or two for the less fortunate.
Heck the American Dollar gets any weaker maybe folks can use 'em for barter.
John 11:35

Bobk said...

"Many insurers do cover Viagra. If your argument does not apply to that case, why should it apply to this one?"

Because the crux of this particular issue Georgetown's policy, and Ms. Fluke's testimony.

If you're going to start bringing in other insurance policies, then you should know that all Georgetown students have the option of waiving the Georgetown policy and instead purchasing a private policy. Going to Georgetown and need Viagra? Then either buy it yourself, or shop around for a policy that better suits you. Birth control is no different.

If you don't like paying for getting cavities filled or stomachs stapled, then by all means you have the right to find an insurance policy that does not cover these things. I fully support your right to not purchase services you don't want. But don't start saying that the government should force insurance providers to give people toothpaste and dental floss and free treadmills.

"Insurance covers different things for different people at different stages of life."

Yes, which is why people get different insurance policies at different times in their life to cover different things. That's why it's important to find an insurance policy that's right for you, rather than demand that all insurance change to fit whatever you say your needs are.

As for roads and firefighters and such, it's obvious you don't have a leg to stand on and you're trying to squirrel the subject. I guess I'll remind you that we are talking about a private business here.

Bobk said...

Nevermind that many people do in fact hire "thugs" to protect them(they're called private security and bodyguards, and people hire them precisely because they are better at protecting person and property than the police) firefighters are mostly volunteers, and it's practically impossible not to use roads.

bubba brown said...

Here is another take on the poor downtrodden Ms Fluke.