Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oil Trains To Save America!

This is just so creepy. Atlas Shrugged is coming to life in the real world. Canadian trains are transporting oil to Texas to be refined because of Obama blocking the Keystone pipeline. 

A Canadian railroad carrying millions of barrels of oil to Gulf refineries is hurtling full steam ahead through the Obama administration's block of the Keystone pipeline.
The amount of oil Canadian Pacific Railways carries from the Bakken Formation down through the heartland has surged 2,500 percent since 2009, to 8.5 million barrels per year from just 325,000. The company expects to move 45 million barrels per year within the decade.
“We are responding to a growing demand,” Ed Greenberg, a spokesman for Canadian Pacific told FoxNews.com. “There has been unprecedented growth in the energy industry.”
Obama stopped the Keystone pipeline, but he didn't stop the oil. This should be a lesson for all those First Nations people protesting the Gateway pipeline. If the oil gets shipped by trains to the west coast, no resource revenues for you. NADA, NIL, ZIP, ZERO.  Put that in your sweet grass pipe and see the $$$ fade from view. CP/CN already have the right of way, and the tracks, you will get nothing except what the US Tides Foundation has paid you. I hope that money hasn't already gone up in smoke.

Didn't Dagny Taggart race to get her trains to the Wyatt oil field in Colorado (okay she was off, it's North Dakota), oil from a "new" technique to extract oil from shale? Oil from shale? It wasn't possible in 1957, but it sure is now. Aren't the environmental groups already screaming about shale oil? Didn't they do that in Atlas Shrugged? Remember how the government imposed all sorts of asinine restrictions on Reardon Steel and any other  company the might succeed? 

The parallels between the book and what is happening now are unbelievable. Seriously, re-read the book if you have to, because it's like Disney has brought it to life, but it is not a cartoon or just words in a book anymore, it's real life, with real people at risk. 

I always wondered when I read the book, if the resource oasis they were hiding in was Alberta. I think it might be the last refuge for people who want to work hard for the benefit of their family and their life, not just for the benefit of the takers in society. That is, as long as we boot the PC's this election, if not, Canada is done for.

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