Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Press As PM Harper Sees Them.

We all know that PM Harper has problems with the Ottawa press gallery. All we hear are questions being asked and we never see the faces behind the questions. For some reason, the camera crew kept on jumping between PM Harper and the press. Look closely at them while they ask their questions, and when they are caught off guard by the camera. I don't know who was covering this event, but that cameraman should get a raise.

PM Harper faces these people everyday. What struck me is that only one reporter asked an intelligent question, the others were parrots, talking, but having no real understanding of what they were saying.

PM Harper is in his element with questions on the economy, he appears to be having great fun answering the questions. The problem is that the journalists have no clue what he is talking about, watch their eyes, they are glazed over from lack of understanding, some even appear to be hostile. A journalist degree does not an economist make, but journalists think they can make or break a PM.

Such power in petty little people's hands is dangerous to democracy.


BBS said...

The reporter with the good question was Canwest's David Akin. You should check out his blog post on asking questions of the PM. If you pay attention, you'll notice his "one" question was actually three.

East of Eden said...

I am seeing a false connection created by the media and the opposition. My remaining knowledge of the history of the Depression was that of out-of-control inflation and then a stock market crash. Well, we had several black stock market days during the Chretien era and the country did not go into a Depression. We had more than one recession during both Truedeau's years (that was a really bad recession) and during Chretien's years and we did not go into a Depression. I am not at all fearful of an impending Depression as that so-called expert (parrot) on the news show mentioned.

I fail to see the connection between the impending economic slowdown (we've weathered many before and we'll weather many more) and the deficit.

The opposition is just using the two events to oppose the PM. What all MPs should be doing is offering solutions so that we Canadians will benefit. Criticizing the governing party and the PM solves nothing. If this is all the opposition can do, then we really should not be paying them because they are not acting in the best interests of the people whom they represent but, rather, are posturing for the benefit of themselves and their parties. They should not be taking their salary from us since they are not serving us.

Bec said...

That was interesting and I have wondered why we do not see the journalist asking the question. It changes their credibility, for sure.
My personal dislike have been the Quebec female journalists. Their questions tend to be posed as accusatory statements rather than questions.

EofE- I agree with 100% of your analysis. We hear things like 1982 and 1990 etc People forget these other episodes.

Southern Quebec said...

EofE: This recession is different than the Chretien and Trudeau era recessions, because now the financial system is imploding. Then it was just a "regular" recession -- ie demand for products drops; layoffs; inflation, etc. This time, the banks and quasi-banks have "invested" shareholders money is bizarre financial instruments that are not regulated. I have heard it explained thusly: You have a house, you buy fire insurance. Your neighbour also buys insurance on your house. Then everyone on the street buy insurance on your house. Things are good. UNTIL THE FIRE. The insurance company cannot pay everybody for the same house.

The government cannot keep bailing out the banks. There is not enough money. GM & Ford can forget about getting any money right now. The thing that has saved the Canadian banks is the fact that Chretien did not let them merge. If PM Doughboy had not dropped the GST, we would not have a deficit. The GST was dropped so that "things" would cost less for the upper class, ie your basic Lexus, Porsche and/or executive airplane.

East of Eden said...

"If PM Doughboy had not dropped the GST, we would not have a deficit. The GST was dropped so that "things" would cost less for the upper class, ie your basic Lexus, Porsche and/or executive airplane."

I actually was agreeing with your comment until I reached the second part of your last paragraph. You completely invalidated your entire comment with your juvenile and idiotic name-calling and upper-class crack. You have shown yourself, once again, to be a total idiot.

East of Eden said...

Thanks, Bec. Believe it or not, SQ started to make sense but he just had to revert to his usual stupidity and invalidated his whole argument. Man, if this is Liberal support, no wonder the party is in trouble.

Southern Quebec said...

E, nothing in my statement is false. That is exactly why the GST was dropped. The 2 cents I save on my Tim Hortons coffee, doesn't make a difference, but it does on a Lexus ie $2000.

E, I always make sense. You just don't agree with it. :)

East of Eden said...

SQ - "doughboy" lost your comment for me. As for the difference in GST, I bought a new car last year. Believe me, I noticed the difference. Why is it if a tax is raised by 2%, it is a horrendous thing which is unfair to the working poor but a reduction of 2% benefits only the rich?

Now, do you see why arguments such as yours hold no water? I remember when the GST was introduced, the left-wing and the Liberals condemned the Mulroney government for hurting the working poor - it hurt the poor and would not be felt by the rich. Now, a reduction does nothing for the poor and everything for the rich.

Eskimo said...

I agree EofE. For all the pi$$ers and moaners that say the 2% reduction (actually it was a 28.6% reduction) doesn't make a difference, then pay the full 7%. Give the government more money at tax time if that's what floats your boat.

I bought a new Toyota Camry this spring and saved just shy of $600.00. That's a mortgage payment for me.

Liberalism: An unfounded fear that somewhere out there someone has more than you do.

There is danger of a budget deficit because the government STILL spends far too much money. Most of the overspending directed to fluffy, frivolous make-work largesse.

East of Eden said...

Eskimo - thanks. You know, I read on one other blog that the Liberals condemn any idea the the Conservatives put forth but once in power, they adopt them. Trudeau condemned wage and price controls and once in power, implemented them. Chretien opposed the GST and promised to scrap it but once in power, broke his promise and exposed himself as a liar.

The left wing and Liberals always do this. Even McGuinty...bitched and moaned before he was in power, never offering up a solution and what was the first thing he did? Impose a hefty new tax allegedly for our health care system. Guess what - the money goes into general revenue and NOT into health care. Heck his former health minister thought that seniors in diapers was the funniest thing. Liars. Nothing but liars with no original ideas.

I bought my 2008 Corolla in 2007 and had the benefit of the reduction to 6%, not 5% but it was still nice. I gave a blessing to Stephen Harper when I bought my car. It still cost a lot of money and the provincial levies and sales tax sure brought up the price but at least Stephen Harper did something to soften the financial blow a bit.

West Coast Teddi said...

Hey SQ ... my company saves $50000 per year on the GST reduction (the 2%) ... that's 20 new, electric hospital beds, or 5 ceiling lifts. That money goes to buy "REAL" goods and services not Liberal slushy surpluses. And I know you are about to say that it must go to profits ... haha my friend for we are regulated in the amount of "profit" we can make.

Thank you PMSH and all the voters who saw the right light!!

West Coast Teddi said...

And whats with SQ drinking a Timmies ... such a "neo-con" beverage. Maybe just maybe he is "climbing out of the dark"

hunter said...

WC Teddi, I have been sensing a change in SQ lately, leaving links on my Friday funnies, engaging in actual discussions like today, so, you might be right, SQ is maturing.

East of Eden said...

Hunter - true, but when I read names like "doughboy", it negates the whole comment. There is no reason for it and it reduces the comment to a juvenile level.

Southern Quebec said...

West Coast Teddy:

You didn't say what kind of corporation you worked for. But for most for profit corporation, GST is profit neutral. It doesn't matter what the GST is 5% or 20% it doesn't effect their bottom line. Corporations get back all of the GST they pay. What does your company do?

West Coast Teddi said...

SQ ... long term healthcare ... privately owned and operated but "subsidized by government. We don't charge GST to our residents and thus can't apply the GST paid for services or product against the revenue. Our major supplier for people services is not GST exempt for the health industry and must charge us GST. It is an anomaly but a fact of life.

As we are regulated by the health authorities we are "told" how much and where we are to spend their/our money and thus in effect how much profit we make.

And per Hunter's comment above, enjoy the Timmies - better than Starbucks Burnt!!