Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let's Get Real Here.

We know the NDP and Bloq have made some agreement to take down the Conservative government. It appears they are using the weak link Dion to bring the Liberals into the mix. If I was a Liberal I would be outraged that the socialists and separatists kept their agreement secret. Who has the "hidden" agenda now?

The Liberals have been played by the two weakest parties in parliament, they knew Dion was a ready made patsy, and they have played the Liberals like a sour sounding violin. The socialists and separatists are like wolves in the wild, they sense the weakest member and attack.

The Conservatives need to get back to their membership.

- eliminate taxpayer funded party funding.
- no bail outs for inefficient industries.
- lower taxes.
- get rid of the human rights commissions.
- stop trying to appease the opposition, they will never be happy.
- stick to your principles, people are wanting direction.
- understand that Quebec will never be happy no matter how much you give them.

Conservatives won a larger minority not because they bowed down to the socialists, but because they refused to cater to special interest groups. They lost Quebec not because they didn't do enough for them, but because they did too much, no one likes a suck up. Ignore Quebec, they might respect you more for it.

Conservatives need to get real, and stop being scared to fight for what they think is right. Lefties, with the help of the MSM have defined Canada for too long, it's time we took back our country and gave the coalition the big boot in the butt.

As a Canadian, an Albertan and an Edmontonian, I care about my country, and this idea of a coalition makes me steaming mad, they are erasing my vote because they don't like it.

I have never seen such an atmosphere of hate as I see from the Liberals/Ndp/Bloq, this is not just about different ideals, it's about out and out rage against Conservatives, when Scott Reid talks about killing our PM it becomes a very serious matter. He might not do it himself, but he has definitely given someone the idea.

I will fight against this unholy trinity because my kids need a stable country to grow up in, and I hope there are some liberals who understand that Canada is being held hostage by separatists and socialists, if you join with them, you care not for Canada.


Fay said...

Well said, I believe that Stephen harper is a great prime minister. The opposition were planning this and it would not have mattered what was said in the economic statement. This is not about the economy this is about power.
i am sure that all those empty seats in the senate will be happily filled by the NDP who want the senate abolished.

Bec said...

Hunter, can you "BLEEP" the trolls for a while so we can hang out? I am so sad and hurt and scared and wondering what is going to happen to our jobs now.
This is shocking. Watching my parents today,be afraid of the value of their home.... These people have not a clue that we are serious in the WEST. It will be over and maybe that is what the Bloc have wanted all along, the perfect storm to leave.
Stephen Harper, is the most principled man, ever in Canadian, politics. Granted, he is cunning and astute but he is not going to let this country burn to the ground. How are you getting through Christmas? You guys are all doing an amazing job, with the extra pressures of this flippin'crap! (is crap allowed?lol)

hunter said...

Bec, for you, I will put comment moderation on so no trolls get through, but if you really want to talk to me, the real person, email me, I will respond as fast as I can!

Crap is allowed because that's what the opposition are dishing out!

Please email me, it's getting late, it might be tomorrow when I respond, but I will respond!

Bec, it will work out, we will survive and PM Harper will still be standing when the dust settles. Kind of like John Wayne.

Bec said...

Thanks Hunter, off to bed for you and me both. I do not think that these people realize the insanity of this coalition and the hipocrisy. It is just more than I can handle, frankly. Naively, I think that, they will get it!
My Mom, has Liberal bridge buddies that are humiliated by this but that is here, out West. Wierd!

wilson said...

It's up to Canadians.
They may be surprised that in Canada a government can be seized this way, but it can.
Just because the Opps have the right, does not mean that Canadians will think it's right.

Share your concerns with Premier Stelmach

We have the Clarity Act, so the path will be straight forward.

Southern Quebec said...

Fay: you are right. This is not about the economy but about power. HRH PMSH is a power freak. He wants to rule with an iron fist...and people are starting to say enough already. When the National Toast is against a Conservative PM, you know that you have screwed up big time.

Anonymous said...

Hunter - keep the moderation activated so that we can have an adult discussion without the abusive trolls. I don't mind opposing views because it adds to a multi-faceted discussion but to have to tolerate abusiveness is ridiculous. This is your blog and you can block whomever you wish. I agree with Bec - block them.

Although a lifelong true blue Conservative, I am disappointed in our party. For years, our party has let the Libs bash, slander, lie, and otherwise bring s**t into the mix. We all know that our PM has cojones but he has abstained from fighting back. Good grief - why does he allow himself and our party to be bashed. He is perfectly capable of cutting them off at the knees without resorting to slander and dirt. The man is so intelligent and rational that he could stop this sort of thing...but he chooses to take the high road all the time. You can't fill a pit by standing well away from it and the Libs are certainly operating from the depths of a very deep pit of toxic material.

Anonymous said...

SQ - I believe that Fay was referring to the Libs and NDP when she mentioned the power grab.

Southern Quebec said...

According to The Globe&Mail the Cons are gone. The Liberals and NDP have cut a deal. Life is good!

Anonymous said...

SQ - it is my personal feeling that this coalition was planned ages ago in the event of a CPC win - a hidden agenda, if you will.

I believe that we Canadians were deceived. I also recall denials of a coalition ever happening while campaigning. We have, once again, been duped by the Libs and NDP. Life may be good for you at the moment but I am 99% sure that the coalition will be a disaster. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong.

Southern Quebec said...

Why is it that Conservatives see conspiracies everywhere? This has nothing to do with a hidden agenda. It has everything to do with Dear Leader over reaching. He screwed up big time, back tracked, but it was too late. His fellow Cons will throw him overboard real fast.

Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing a conspiracy at all.

As for Conservatives seeing conspiracies, I can counter with Liberals always seeing hidden agendas. Same thing.

I do believe that the opposition had no intention of cooperating with our government. From the get-go, the Libs were slamming every move Harper made but not offering any kind of cooperation or solution.

If this coalition goes through, I'm fairly certain that the harmony within will not last and I am fairly certain that our country will suffer. All because of greed for power. That's the way I see it.

Filcher said...

By all means, cut the tax payer subsidies, but make sure you cut all the taxpayer subsidies, including the political contribution tax credits. When we went into the election, and throughout the recent election, the Cons and Harper insisted our economy was good, so good in fact that they failed to release any comprehensive economic plan until the final days. Now that they have won a minority government they are proposing eliminating programs that harm the oppositon parties funding, while ignoring the tax payer subsidies that benefit the CPoC. This is pure partisanship, and has nothing to do with helping Canada in a time of dire need.

Your claim that the CPoC runs a surplus economy is also fantasy, as a look at the 2008 fiscal monitor would show a .4 billion dollar deficit, despite constant claims of surpluses. This is true of 2007 also, with the last actual surplus in the last half of 2006. A responsible government uses high economic growth to expand a surplus so they can weather a downturn in economic growth like we may be facing, so the CPoC running a deficit budget in strong economic growth is not a plus for their ideas of financial acumen.

While your supporters may be afraid of a Liberal or NDP or BQ government, this is inreasonable. If the worst happens and a Constitutional challenge, along with a coalition government, does become a reality, it would benefit the CPoC to work within the coalition government to help create solutions to our nation's problems, thje same things that should have been done before the release of the financial policy. A minority government needs the support of some other party, and the CPoC completely ignored this fact, leading to the present crisis. There is still the fact that it is a minority government, and a strong leader with a good sound fiscal plan, who holds a large number of seats in the House, should be able to effectively pass considerable policies of their own if they negotiate with the other parties. It remains to be seen if Harper has ever learned to negotiate, or not.

maryT said...

I do not think we western conservatives will throw PMSH out but some of the red tories in the east might try. I intend to increase a donation to them, and I have never used my donations on my tax returns, just like I never use my charitable donations. And I know a lot of others who never use their donation on their tax return. I hope and pray that before the week is out PMSH has very strong conservative supporters appointed to the Senate, and maybe a few opposition MPs. How about Casey and Joe C (who ran for speaker) just to lessen the number of missing libs for the vote.
If this coup goes thru, watch for Albertans to launch a protest to our Premier to shut off the taps and withhold all equalization and tax payments going east.
And PMSH better get that Judge appointed and any other vacancies filled with conservatives. No more playing nice.
Boycott any products from Quebec or Union workers.

Southern Quebec said...


It's already Tuesday, do you think that Harpie will appoint a Judge before next Monday?

...and it's not a coup!!!!!!!

Southern Quebec said...


It's already Tuesday, do you think that Harpie will appoint a Judge before next Monday?

...and it's not a coup!!!!!!!