Sunday, April 15, 2012

Can't Touch This!

Alberta is always singled out by the lefties because we are Conservative. Anything Alberta does, is bad. The lefties used to hate the PC's, but since they have infiltrated into the PC's, it's the Wildrose who are the bad guys/gals. They are very good at telling us, what we should be doing and thinking, and when we refuse to follow, they attack.

Case in point, this disgusting attack by the National Post, talking about an eleven year old "firewall" letter. They are so desperate that they are reverting to the same slimy Liberal tactics that they used against Stephen Harper. Not going to work in Alberta, but how would Toronto liberals know that, most have only flown over Alberta to get to BC. I am personally disappointed that this garbage was even thought to be appropriate to print by an editor.

What are they saying to their readers? PC's good, Wildrose bad.

1. Quebec has their own pension plan, the QPP, but when Alberta even mentions an APP, it's somehow bad. Can't touch this!

2. Ontario and Quebec have their own provincial police, but Alberta mentions wanting one, Can't touch this.

3. Quebec and BC have two tier health programs, but if Alberta mentions it, Can't touch this.

4. Alberta elects their own Senators, but the rest of Canada doesn't, we're bad, they're good. Don't touch them.

5. Reform the wealth transfer system, let Alberta keep more of it's money and send less to Quebec and Ontario? Nope. Can't touch this.

6. Protecting people with "conscious rights" that are in our Constitution?  Can't touch this.

7.  Stop covering women who want abortions? Can't touch this.

Scare mongering at it's finest. I expect better of the National Post, but lately I've been sadly disappointed in them. Let's not touch them.

Funny how the Ralph Klein Conservatives were bad, but the Alison Redford Liberal Lite Conservatives are angels. Taking unearned money from taxpayers? Well that's a lefty thing, so it's okay. What a lack of morals. That is what is sinking the PC boat. Interesting that the Titanic sank 100 years ago, and no matter how hard the lefty media tries, the PC's are on that ship, and the lifeboats are all gone.

Obviously the eastern provinces can do what they want, but the minute one of us upstart western provinces even thinks they have a speck of power, we are told....

Can't touch this!

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