Monday, April 02, 2012

Danielle Dollars....Smart Move?

Is this a Conservative plan? You bet it is, and after thinking about it, why shouldn't every Albertan enjoy our prosperity?

Here is why I agree with the "Danielle Dollars":

1. Most Albertans don't work up in Fort Mac, but when our economy is booming, so are our house, food and clothing prices. If you are a worker in Edmonton, earning minimum wage, you see no benefits from the boom. The "Danielle Dollars" will be a direct benefit to you and your family, in compensation for having to pay higher food and shelter prices.

2. Albertans will only get those "Danielle Dollars" if there is a surplus. This creates the incentive for governments to actually watch their spending because Albertans are going to hold them to account.

3. Some people are saying lowering taxes would be better. Alberta already has a 10% flat tax rate, meaning that it is a fair tax system. Those 1% of the rich have no way to shelter their income from taxes, so if they make 1,000,000 a year, they pay 100,000 in taxes, no loopholes allowed. The "Danielle Dollars" will make the most impact on the poorest in Alberta, who don't pay any taxes.

4. Albertan's suffered through 20% reductions to get rid of our debt, and we did it gladly so we could leave our children with a brighter future. We do not want to see all that hard work and sacrifice go to waste and it is now time for Albertans to start reaping some of the benefits of the pain that we endured. When we have surpluses again, why shouldn't debt free Albertans get some of that money so we can spend it more efficiently than any government ever could?

5. The "Danielle Dollars" would only be 20% of any surplus, with a further 30% put away in the Heritage fund. The PC's have taken money out of the fund to finance their high spending ways, and have left nothing for our future, this has to stop.

6. The big minus I can see in this, is that you are giving out money during a boom, and if everyone spends those "Danielle Dollars", inflation could be a problem. Assuming that people are working during a boom, they would be more likely to save then spend, so the inflationary worries might not arise.

7. Some fear mongers are already saying it would be taxpayers paying for this, but it is royalties, not tax money. It would be better than what the PC's were trying to get support for....a Provincial Sales TAX! NO.WAY. NEVER. Remember that one before you vote PC.

Giving back to Albertans and allowing them to decide how to spend those "Danielle Dollars" instead of the money going into the government coffers, is never a bad thing. It assumes that Albertans are not going to spend it all on beer and popcorn.....okay maybe a 12 pack of beer and a Jiffy Pop popcorn (can be found at the IGA) could be in order, because it would be our money, not the governments. What's not to like?

Maybe we could all pool the "Danielle Dollars" and send them to Alison so she can build those magical 150 medi centers that have suddenly popped up on her agenda. Yet the media calls out the Wildrose for supposed vote buying? Hey media, look into those magically appearing medi centers won't you? They mushroomed from 3 test centers into 150 across Alberta, without testing the effectiveness, or telling us how they would be staffed.

Interesting how all the lefty media are championing RED Ali, it should give all Albertan voters a clue as to how RED she really is.

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