Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wildrose Lights Up The Night!

You had to know I would love this "climbing out of the dark, into the Conservative light" initiative. As if Wildrose wasn't innovative enough, they step up the sign competition with glow in the dark signs!

 I don't know if all Wildrose candidates are doing this, but my Wildrose candidate sure is, and it's pretty awesome! My candidate is young and very personable with loads of energy. All the other candidates are older and that should be an advantage for them, but even this old boot wants change and new blood in the Legislature.

Do not forget to go to your candidates debates, and volunteer to scrutineer. It is coming down to the wire in this election, and we do not want to stumble and fall back in the last week.

Be aware that the competition are going to pull out all the stops. Your candidate is going to need all the volunteers they can get in this last week. If you really want to see the Wildrose elected, get out there and help.

My riding is going to be interesting with a PC Minister who only won by 58 votes against a Liberal. Enter into the race the Wildrose and Alberta Party, and we have a 4 way race to the finish. These light up signs will really be noticable, and one more Wildrose advantage.

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