Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Time Alberta!

I go to my local Sobey's to buy some milk, eggs and whatever, and as I am checking out, the clerk starts to tell me how there is a huge movement for anyone but Wildrose. He also tells me that they are shutting down the provincial museum (LIE). You can imagine my shock at a clerk in a grocery store telling me how to vote. I told my candidate about my encounter, and he phoned up the manager, who couldn't believe anyone in his store would have said that, well, I couldn't believe it either, but it happened.

That is how vicious this campaigne has gotten because of the way the PC's are running their campaigne. It's sad really. I have voted PC all my life, because I felt they were the one party that could best understand Alberta. That has now changed, they are using Liberal tactics of smears and lying to try and keep PC votes. How dumb is that? Smearing the very people who vote for them. I guess their Toronto advisers don't quite understand Alberta.

Out door knocking today, one guy raking his lawn admitted that he had already voted PC, but he was really nice to our candidate, wishing him luck, and excited that finally there would be a strong opposition to hold the PC's in check. If the worse outcome for the Wildrose is as a strong opposition, I will be happy with that.

From what I saw at the door, I'm thinking the Wildrose will not be the opposition, but the government, and this is in Edmonton remember. We had people who saw the campaigne truck and came out of their houses, before we had even knocked on their doors, they wanted to talk to our candidate. One single Mom was going to vote for Wildrose because she thought that a voucher system for her children's education was the best way to go.

People knew the issues, they have been reading the literature, going to the candidates meetings and thinking hard about what direction they want Alberta to go. We got a lot of comments about "it's time for a change". People are upbeat and excited about this election, well except for the NDP, they are the most likely to slam the door in your face, tolerant as per usual. HA!

I am hoping my candidate wins, but if he doesn't, he knows that he did everything he could to win it. So did all the other candidates in the riding, except for the NDP and Evergreen, all they did was show up for the candidates meeting. The Evergreen guy couldn't understand why he kept getting booed when he talked about "dirty" an Alberta election. DUH!

Good luck to all candidates, it's not an easy thing to put your name up to run in an election. It's not their fault that the media thinks they are king makers or breakers.  Most of them are good people who care about Alberta, and so are the voters.

May the best people win, and represent us wisely and truthfully.

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