Sunday, April 08, 2012

CBC Never Learns! Biased Compass Poll.

Vote Compass is an educational tool developed by political scientists. Answer a short series of questions to discover how you fit in the Alberta political landscape.
 They are obviously NOT statisticians. This is as bogus as the last CBC Compass for the federal election. First problem, you can not move the leaders to the positions you think they belong, it appears that they show up from what the last person entered. The second time I took the poll, I was able to move them to where I wanted them.

Second problem, they change your answers so that you appear to NOT agree with the party you actually support. HA! As if I would ever answer the way they said I did!

 Here is my real response to that question, as you can see, I am in agreement with the Wildrose position:

It again appears that they take the answers from a previous pollster, because the second time I took it, they got my answers right.

The CBC, using taxpayers money to screw up another election by using biased and inaccurate polling, AGAIN. Didn't they learn anything last time?

For some cheerful Easter news:

I am loving this spring election so far. Only two more weeks to voting day, I can't wait. I predict very high voter turnout.

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