Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lefties In Full Panic!!

I got a robocall tonight from the Alberta Federation of Labour. They spewed their lefty garbage about how Wildrose is "scary" and they are going to destroy health care. After their biased spewing, they asked one question. Do you support the devil or do you support the union. I chose the devil. What bugged me most about the robocall is that I couldn't tell this union how I really felt about them spending their members money on political activism. Maybe I should check with Election Alberta to see if that robocall is legal. How did they get my unlisted number? The only explanation is that I bought a PC membership back when I thought Morton would make a good leader. Are the PC's selling their membership list?

What interests me most about this call is that it is too late to make a difference. Just like the lefty newspapers are now in full out attack mode against the Wildrose, they are too late. People have decided. They are not listening anymore. They can bring on 10 polls showing the PC's winning, but it is not going to change many votes at this stage of the game. They thought the PC's were going to walk away with this election, they loved Red Ali so much they thought Albertans would too. They had no game plan, so, now they are playing catch up.

To all Wildrose supporters, don't let the media throw you off your game plan, that is what they are trying to do. Stay the course, you are posed to win a majority. Who would have ever thought that possible just 6 months ago when Ali took over.

The more the media cries foul, the more committed I am to vote Wildrose. Funny how the lefty media now has to support a supposedly Conservative party.  They must be biting their tongues in frustration. If the media supports Red Ali, you have to know that she is a Liberal/NDP in Conservative clothing.

Biased reporting? Call them on it.

It's time Alberta, a good cleaning is needed, and only one party can do that, and it's name is Wildrose.

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