Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stick A Fork In Them, They Are Done!

I'm calling this one, before tomorrow's debate (which you can watch on Sun News), the PC dynasty is done, rogue polls and all. Calgary and rural Alberta go Wildrose, and Edmonton elects the few Liberal and NDP candidates, because the Lib/NDP coalition is in play here. Wildrose majority, but a slim one.

How do I know this? The proof is in this video clip of Red Ali. Look at the faces of her candidates surrounding her, grim. Reminds me of Paul Martin playing the guitar.

That's not the main reason that I am calling it a Wildrose majority. It is the ridicule of Alison in the comments. Remember this is the Edmonton Sun, so she should have lots of supporters rallying to her defense as the PC's are still leading in Edmonton.

I can hardly wait for a picture with her and David Suzuki! She's tried everything else
Oh good! did you hear the news? child poverty is going to be ended...Finally! All it took was a campaign promise to get it done! Why didn't we think of that before? I mean y not do it 10,000 years ago when the problem was created if the solution was that simple?  Can i make a suggestion for your next big initiative?...let's end the feelings of anger and will be so easy! We will just make a committee that oversees all feelings and throw money at you if you get mad or sad. Vote PC everyone!  
wow now thats buying your vote. Oh My God Alison Redford, what other magical powers do you have tucked into your sleve. see edmonton thats what groveling consits of.....if a party is losing we beg and lie and try to destroy you.

and a new puppy for every boy and girl; and world peace.

What the hell is Redford smoking thinking it's possible to end child poverty in 5 yrs? With all these rational promises she's handing out, can I get a unicorn too?

Oh yea of little faith.  Saint Alison the Frugal will not only end poverty, but also war and famine, pestilence and maybe disease (if the Docs get some time off from the 140 new clinics). 
All of this will be done without cost, and will be told of in story and song by future generations. 
Anyone who doubts will not be offered waterfront property in Florida at a great price.  

Good god, now she thinks she's Mother Teresa. The pressure is starting to get the best of her and she is starting to get delusional.
 When the ridicule begins, the game is over, that's why I'm calling it for Team Wildrose. The PC's are done and they know it. Now, go out and volunteer, especially on Election day, when they need all hands on deck! The most important role is of scrutineer, you can make sure no funny stuff happens at the polls.

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