Thursday, April 26, 2012

Is Your Media World Getting Smaller?

In the mornings, I used to read blogging tories, and then the National Post. I find that I can no longer stand the National Post. They are now in the dust bin with the Globe and Mail and the Edmonton Journal, trash not worth reading.

Same goes for the radio station K-97. Their morning host Terry Evans was totally biased against Danielle Smith, he trashed her while saying, I don't want to tell you who to vote for. Well, I vote Terry, Bill, and Steve as total hypocrites. They constantly bash gays and Christians, but think they are funny. They even think having random women jump topless on a trampoline is awesome. Talk about denigrating women. Radio dial now programmed to skip that channel.

What are Conservatives left with?
Definitely not biased CBC, not CTV, the CBC want to be. Global is semi okay, sometimes.

Conservatives are now reduced to watching Sun News TV and reading the Sun newspapers. A very sad statement on the media in Canada. The CRTC is killing innovation and encouraging biased media.

If the media can not show their potential advertiser's that people are actually watching or listening, then their advertising dollars will dry up, well except for the CBC who doesn't care because they suck over a BILLION dollars a year out of the taxpayers. 

Why doesn't CTV attack the CBC more often? In an oligopoly, they should be trying to win market share, not suck up to their competition, yet, they do that daily. They are best buddies. 

Best option for Conservatives is to stop reading the National Post, Globe and Mail and Toronto Star. Let their readership numbers drop, which will mean less advertising dollars. Don't read them on line either, because they use every hit they have to get more advertising. Stop reading them.

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