Friday, April 20, 2012

Dirty Oil? Nope, Dirty PC Election.

It's bad enough having to listen to Red Ali yapping about how she talked to "international" nobodies, she is so arrogant, she thinks that is going to impress us, but now we have unions interfering with the election. I told you in an earlier post about receiving a very biased robocall from the Alberta Federation of Labour, and it appears I am not the only one! Contact Elections Alberta and complain.You know if this was the lefties they would already be protesting in front of the Legislature.

The Alberta Federation of Labour is being investigated by Elections Alberta after conducting a provincial telephone poll decrying the Wildrose Party.
In a robocall telephone poll that called 1.54 million Albertans from April 17 to April 18, the federation asked “do you support or do you oppose the Wildrose plan to use taxpayer money to subsidize corporate, for-profit health care?”
If someone misses the call, a taped message is left by AFL President Gil McGowan pleading with conservative-minded voters that “if you care about medicare, Wildrose is not the answer.”
Elections Alberta says it has received numerous complaints against the AFL about the calls.
And the Wildrose Party is alleging the poll breaks laws that require third-party advertisers to be registered with Elections Alberta. Violators of the law can face fines of up to $100,000 in court.
“We have opened a file and will determine if the AFL was in compliance or not in compliance,” said Drew Westwater, a spokesman with Elections Alberta.
I also received another call tonight, but my husband answered it so I do not know who it was from. It asked two questions, which leader is the best, and what candidate will you vote for. The really sneaky thing they did was change the order of the button you pressed.

Which party leader do you support:

1 = Liberal, 2= NDP, 3= PC 4= Wildrose

Which candidate will you vote for?

2 = Liberal, 3= NDP, 4= PC, 5= Wildrose

Do you see what they did? They made Wildrose  number 4 for your response to the first question, and then made the PC's number 4 for your response to the second question.

If other people are like me, they put their finger on the 4 button so that they can answer Wildrose for all of the questions asked. Forum surveyed me earlier this week and asked me about 10 questions where number 4 was always Wildrose. Were they just conditioning me? I don't know if this was a Forum poll, because hubby didn't pay attention to who was calling.

What this will do, for those who aren't such survey wonks as me, is make sure that those who answered Wildrose on the first question, will likely have answered PC on the second question. Biased poll taking, again!

On top of all the biased polls here in Alberta, we also have this little gem:

The local Wildrose office was buzzing Thursday, as candidates Ethane Jarvis and Todd Loewen worked damage control on reports of thousands of ‘robo-call’-type announcements making their way through the region.
Loewen and Jarvis claim the calls, which some residents receive up to seven times per day, are not authorized by the Wildrose Party.
Supportive automated phone calls were made by the candidates on April 13, as well as April 16. Jarvis suspects the perpetrator recorded the message and is now spamming residents with phone calls.
“Those (four) numbers have been pushing out calls in obscene amounts,” said Jarvis. “They are fraudulent calls that are upsetting people.”
The Wildrose office in Grande Prairie has made calls to the RCMP, Elections Alberta and the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to investigate, but a full investigation cannot be completed until after the election on Monday.
The campaign office has traced two of the four numbers to businesses in Calgary, but Jarvis is unsure if the companies in question are behind the phone calls.
Notice that nothing can be done about it until after the election? Well Elections Alberta could send out a message to voters that this is happening, and it is not Wildrose doing it! Rumours are that the PC campaigne is being run from Toronto. This would make sense because no true Albertan would use smears like we have seen this election.  Our electoral system is being hi-jacked by immature babies who do not like it if they don't get their own way.

If you can stand to go over to the CBC, watch Danielle get booed by the econuts, and hold her own! It's awesome. Watch the three stooges repeating the eco-mantra. This alone should guarantee Danielle a majority!   

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