Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Alberta, Vote Smart.

Alberta is gripped by a true ABC campaigne, not the fake one that Danny Williams tried to start. It's really exciting times here in Alberta. Spring cleaning is under way.

I know that we are only in week 2 of the campaigne, and anything can happen before we go to the polls, but it is looking good for the Wildrose.

I have noticed a funny lack of signs this election. I drive through Rachel Notley's area everyday on the way to work, and all I see are her signs. Not one single Liberal, PC or Wildrose sign to be seen. Something fishy going on?

I think what is happening is that PC and Wildrose supporters are not taking signs this election, either because they are still undecided or because they do not want their neighbours to know how they are voting.

This leads me to believe that many former PC voters and even Liberals are now going to vote Wildrose. Silence on the sign front makes it harder to tell who will win the riding, so it is making this election fun.

I know all the polls coming out are favourable to the Wildrose, and I hope that continues. Remember when the media would show polls showing the federal Conservatives winning, and then the next poll would show people backing off? Is that what is going on now in Alberta? Are the media hoping that we see the Wildrose winning, maybe a majority, and hoping that it will scare voters back to the PC's?

Funny media, Albertans don't scare easily. We are not like Ontario voters who re-elected McGuinty for a third time, FOR NO GOOD REASON. None. Give me one positive reason why Ontario voted for McGuinty after he turned the province into a "have not" province for the first time in Ontario's history. Just one valid, economic reason, just one.

Why are the media suddenly backing the PC's? They never have before, and I bet if it looked like the Liberals would win the election they would be jumping all over themselves with positive day and night Liberal party coverage. Media, digging themselves into early retirement.

Someone at work commented to me today that they would vote for the candidate that is in second place in his riding, no matter which party, as long as it wasn't the PC's. A true ABC campaigne is happening in Alberta, and the results might be startling.

Wildrose in majority territory

Two more polls have been released over the last few days, confirming that Wildrose holds a substantial lead over the Progressive Conservatives. Accordingly, Wildrose is now projected to win 44 seats and a slim majority government.
Hey media, we are not buying any scare tactics, it's Wildrose all the way! 

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