Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alison Can't Even Say Conservative.

I watched the election debate at a Wildrose campaigne office with about 70 other Wild ones. It is nice to meet people who have the same political leanings as you do. Most Conservatives shy away from even talking politics because the Liberals and NDP are very vocal and very intolerant of Conservatives. They think they are the shining light that will save all people from the oppression of tyrants (Conservatives and capitalism). They do not see that they are the ones who are intolerant.

The debate was interesting. The Liberal and NDP leaders scored some direct hits on Alison REDford that let Danielle off the hook of having to attack her on her outrageous spending promises.

The most interesting exchange of the evening was the failure of REDford to even pretend she was Conservative. She stuttered over one simple word...Conservative. How telling is that?

No wonder the Alberta PC's are trying to trick people by using the federal Conservative logo, they are too ashamed of their supposed leader to proclaim themselves actual Conservatives, just like their leader. 

Winner, everyone except Alison. Did you drink every time she called herself the Premier? If you did you will only be reading this tomorrow, because she said it so many times, as if we were as impressed with it as she was, that it got sickening.

Did the debate firm up votes? Yes. I suspect the undecided votes are going to go to any party except the PC's.

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