Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up!

The PC's are tanking in the polls, they need a "Hail Mary" moment, even though they don't believe in freedom of religion anymore, and they attack the best Premier Alberta has ever had. How stupid are they? Are they being run by Toronto elites? 
 Redford told a private gathering of donors at the Calgary Golf and Country Club that she’s still dealing with negative impacts of Klein’s cost-cutting, according to one person who was there.
 The ever classy Colleen Klein had one brief statement:

“I am so very sorry and saddened to hear that some people are questioning Ralph’s legacy,” Colleen Klein said in an e-mail to me Sunday evening.
Anyone who actually understands Alberta, would know that Ralph was the heart and soul of Alberta, he defended Alberta, just like Danny Williams defended Newfoundland. He was sneered at by the Toronto elitists and used by the Liberals as a tool to show how "scary" Stephen Harper was going to be if he ever gained power. And Ralph Klein stood strong against all comers in the defense of Alberta.

I remember him asking the PC party for just a few more months before they booted him out, but they said no, and look where that got them...Stelmach and Redford, two failed liberals. They showed Ralph no compassion, it is time for us to take our revenge by voting them out of power.

It is time for ALL Albertans to stand strong in defense of Ralph Klein, because he is not capable of standing up for us anymore. You attack Ralph, you attack all real Albertans.

For those who think Lougheed is a hero, he is the one who signed the disastrous agreement with Trudeau that gave Alberta the National Energy Program (NEP), that is still hated to this day. 

   As premier, Lougheed furthered the development of the oil and gas resources, and started the Alberta Heritage Fund as a way of ensuring that the exploitation of non-renewable resources would be of long-term benefit to Alberta. He also introduced the Alberta Bill of Rights. Lougheed quarrelled with Pierre Trudeau's federal Liberal government over its 1980 introduction of the National Energy Program. But Lougheed and Trudeau eventually reached an agreement for energy revenue sharing in 1982, after hard bargaining.
The only PC Premier Loughheed never endorsed was Ralph Klein. Maybe that is why Albertans loved Ralph so much, he was not in it for himself, he was in it to make Alberta a better place to live. He did what he said he would do, he balanced the budget and wiped out Alberta's debt. For this he gets sneered at by China oil derrick Alison Redford (does she have ties to Mo Strong? He used to be a big guy at the UN like Alison) and the old (this is not your father's party) Loughheed. Shameful isn't strong enough.

Ralph took it on the chin for us from the "progressives" so many times we lost count. He has now taken another one, but sadly he can not stand up and fight for Alberta anymore. It is time for us to stand up for him and everything he did for us. It is time for us to "shoot, shovel and shut up".

We need to shoot the PC's down in this election by voting them out. We need to shovel out the trash that is the PC party of today. We need to shut up the PC party by reducing them to the fourth party in Alberta.

If we do that, we can proudly let Ralph know that we finally stood up and fought for him, in appreciation of everything he did for us. It's time for us to say thank you to Ralph Klein, by booting out this fake PC party. It's the least we can do for our best Premier.

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