Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Peak To Soon, Or Is A Dynasty Falling?

Right out of the gate, polls have been showing a rise for the Wildrose. Is the same thing that happened with the federal Conservatives going to happen to the Wildrose? Will voters get scared that they might actually win the election?

Not happening so far. Last week the polls indicated that the Wildrose was leading by a few points, give or take the margin of error. Then other polls came out with leads of 7, 9 or 13 points. Did that scare the voters? It appears not, because now we have a new poll that gives the Wildrose a 17 point lead.

Here are the other highlights:
- Wildrose would take 45.5% of the popular vote if an election were held today
- PCs at 28.4%
- gap closing in Edmonton, expanding in Calgary and rural areas
- Wildrose 50.0% in Calgary, 28.1% in Edmonton, and 51.9% in the rest of Alberta
Stop and think about this for a minute. 50% of voters in Calgary will vote for Wildrose....50% meaning half the people in Calgary are going to vote for one party, when at least 6 are running. It gets better with the rural voters, 51.9% and climbing. There was no decrease indicating that Albertans are getting scared and backing off of voting for Wildrose. The polls are showing them increasing. Is it a done deal? I think so. People who are wavering, will see the way the wind is blowing and jump on the bandwagon...well except for Edmonton voters, they prefer to elect opposition MLA's. They think they are hip little Toronto like voters, bless them and their delusions, they will be left out in the cold again.

The winds of change are blowing a blizzard into Alberta (tomorrow YUCK) and it is going to sweep out all the old and tired PC MLA's and bring us a new and brighter future, especially for our children, and grand kids.

A dynasty is falling....good, it's about time. 

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